5 Holiday Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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5 Holiday Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Everyone is in a great mood towards the end of the year, so they want to head out, celebrate and spend time with their loved ones. This increase in people going out should make it pretty easy to ensure your restaurant is always full of people, right? Unfortunately, there is no competition shortage trying to do the same thing, so you’ll need some great content marketing ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

Below are five of our favorite holiday marketing ideas for restaurants that work regardless of your marketing budget. From making the most of end-of-year parties to hosting family reunions, the holiday profit potential is worth a little extra time and effort in your marketing. Read on for some handy tips.

5 Holiday Content Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Embrace the festive season

You may love all things festive, or you may be the living embodiment of the Grinch; either way, you need to create a festive atmosphere in your restaurant. So crack out the Michael Bublè and Mariah Carey, fill the place with decorations, and tweak the restaurant menu to suit the jolly time of year (at least one Christmas tree with lights is required). 

We say this because it has been proven that the feelings of excitement and nostalgia; in these festive embellishments are associated with creating positive feelings about your restaurant. This also translates to great social media content (hopefully by customers), making promoting holiday specials on your feed and website easy. Send your mailing list an e-greeting card and let everyone know that your establishment will help them get into the holiday spirit.

Offer holiday gift cards.

Gift cards are a simple present that rarely misses the mark. While you are not specifically operating in retail, you can easily get a piece of the gift-giving pie by offering a gift card. This strategy is a profitable and convenient way to increase revenue while expanding your customer base.

Promote gift cards as a great gift idea in your holiday marketing campaigns and make it easy for customers to purchase them on your website with a simple infographic. Have your staff upsell gift cards to customers and offer digital gift vouchers that can be purchased and given entirely online.

Offer a catering service.

A catering service allows you to easily tap into celebrations with guests that aren’t interested in walking through your (or anyone’s doors). For example, many companies hold holiday parties in the office or want to treat their staff to a surprise lunch. You can promote individual festive-themed boxed meals delivered to the office doorsteps on channels like LinkedIn. 

Run holiday-themed events

Holiday events boost sales and are easy to run if you have a private dining room space in your restaurant. Create holiday packages with festive menu offerings and incentivize customers with early bird discounts to sell out the event. People are price-conscious at this time of year, so combo specials are in high demand.

All of this makes for engaging content on your socials and website that will catch the eyes of people who need somewhere and something to make their time off more fun. 

Give something back

The holiday season is one of giving, and helping those in your surrounding community who are in need is something nice and ethical and will also be a hit with your customers. People who do not show that they give back to their community will support a socially responsible business over the competition. 

Consider giving customers the option to round up their bills to the nearest dollar and donate the extra to a local charity or become a drop-off spot for your local food bank. Deliver some of your meals to the homeless, or provide a pay-it-forward service where people can buy a meal for those in need at a discounted price. 

Being a successful business means you have the opportunity to help those in less fortunate positions. It’s what the holiday season is all about, after all!

Be the spot where people want to celebrate, gather, and eat good food

The holiday marketing ideas above will help encourage consumers to dine in or take away from your restaurant this year, boosting your profits and hopefully making some new regular customers. Showing people how you are getting into the season’s spirit and offering attractive deals to help them celebrate will go a long way.

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