5 Free Tools for Boosting eCommerce
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5 Free Tools for Boosting eCommerce

Top 5 Free Tools for Boosting the Performance of Your E-commerce Store

As the online world is growing rapidly, it has resulted in an enormous increase in how website owners plan their expansion to deliver a smooth and convenient customer experience. As a result, understanding the customers’ needs and managing the website has become a primary need for the success of any e-commerce store. Furthermore, as today’s users are becoming more interested in advanced products and bespoke services, online store owners must put more effort into improving customer retention and boosting sales.

5 Free Tools for Boosting eCommerce

Today, many powerful tools are available in the market that will allow site owners to manage and enhance their website’s functionality. In this article, you will see some handy tools that will help you expand your website’s potential to help you grow your business.

  1. Peek – To create a delightful customer experience, it is necessary to identify their needs and give them unique benefits. To keep your brand name on top of your consumer’s minds, you need to put effort into understanding what is going on in their minds, and an effective feedback system can only achieve this. Feedback is critical to any website’s success, and it would assist website owners in making necessary changes as suggested by the visitors. That is why Peek has been designed. Using this tool, you can quickly get a video clip of the people navigating through your website. This information will help you figure out what you need to improve your website for a quality customer experience.
  2. Responsinator – You cannot neglect how greatly smartphones and tablets have increased and have become the first choice for online shoppers. The rise of electronic technologies and the explosive growth of handy devices have made business owners realize how important it is to create opportunities. About this, e-commerce owners are designing a mobile version of the website and prefer to keep track of its accessibility. And, Responsinator is all about taking care of these aspects. This tool will give you an idea of how your website performs on mobile devices and how consumers use it. This way, you can test your store functionality across various platforms.
  3. Bitly – Bitly is an efficient tool to create a powerful link management system on your website. This premium tool can help online merchants to shorten and save links, make notes, view stats, catch data, brand management, and much more. It is feasible if you want to track user management, monitor your customers and their activities, and deliver high-quality content to your targeted customers. This tool lets shop owners discover both the date and the time of each click and the country from where it is coming. This is something that will help e-commerce website owners to track the performance of their marketing campaigns. A range of devices and make it as convenient as possible for the users.
  4. Portent – As content marketing has become one of the best ways to receive huge traffic, it has become highly crucial for marketers to present it in the best possible way. Content development does not mean writing good content, but a strategy should produce desirable results. Thus, writing a blog full of creative ideas is an excellent way to attract customers and impart valuable information. The portent tool will help you achieve this. This tool will generate clever title ideas that will give writers great ideas for writing creative and innovative content.
  5. KeePass – Being an online store owner, you must be dealing with several responsibilities, and one of them may include password administration. Sometimes it becomes tough to remember a large number of passwords, and it may hamper your workflow if they slip out of your mind. Thanks to KeePass, you have to remember only one master password, and the rest will be handled by the tool. This tool also provides a “secure notes” feature that will allow you to store any data you want and keep it protected.

Thus, retailers must adopt advanced and reliable technologies for better online store management and customer satisfaction to gain more profits and a more significant market share.

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Christopher Meloni is a Blog manager at Dealslands UK, the fastest growing Online Coupon Industry. Apart from his profession, he has some passion for the E-commerce Industry. He likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field.

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