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5 Features You Didn’t Know About 5 Messaging Apps

When we think of messaging apps, we think of well … messaging. But in 2017, the most popular of the bunch are much more than just a way of communicating with friends. Whether it’s fun photo editing or gaming, there are many features that expand the core chat experience. Here are 5 from the 5 most popular messaging apps that you might not have known about.

Facebook Messenger – Easily Pay Your Friends By Debit Card 

If you are a user in the United States, Facebook Messenger now allows you to register your debit card and easily send your friends money at no extra cost, as long as they also have a debit card on file. Transactions are usually instant but can take up to 3 days depending on the banks involved.

You can make sending money fun by including a theme such as birthday cakes if you’re sending a birthday bounty. The process can also be protected by extra security steps and Facebook even has as 24/7 dedicated team to handle fraud.

WeChat – Pay For Everything

China’s WeChat (which has the largest number of registered users of any ‘messaging app’) has taken the concept of sending contacts money to a whole other level. You can now also pay your utility bills, book doctor’s appointments and transport, and compare the prices of many domestic products by scanning them on the shelves.

WhatsApp – Virtual Reality Chat

Although it is still rather crude and clunky, WhatsApp now supports virtual reality via the basic Google Cardboard make-shift headset. In practice, what this means is you get a full 360 degre360-degreem, where you can move your different chat windows around and get notifications fly in from above your head.

You can’t currently use cartoon avatars or explore any virtual environments, but there’s no doubt that this kind of experience is only a short time away for both WhatsApp and other leading messaging platforms.

Viber – Notifications and Light Control

It can be annoying receiving constant notifications, especially when your phone lights up as well, but you don’t necessarily want to turn them off completely. Viber allows you complete control over which chats send notifications and light up your phone. You can event set time windows (such as during working hours) so you can limit your usage and focus on important tasks or just so you aren’t disturbed during sleep.

Line – Personalized Pages

Did you know that the Line app was developed after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Because the disaster knocked out a lot of telecommunications the app allowed people to stay in touch.

The app has several broader social network-like functions, including a customizable profile page where you can share photos, company or user info, and status updates. You can also create PR and Research pages for your business or organization.

You can learn more about the ‘5 biggest messenger apps’ by checking out the following new infographic from Skilled.co.

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5 Features You Didn’t Know About 5 Messaging Apps

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