5 Features Every Jewelry eCommerce Site Should Have

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Having a successful online jewelry store can be tricky. With so many different brick-and-mortar stores on the high street, what appeal does buying jewelry online have when customers cannot view the jewelry and get a feel for the jewelry item they are buying? The answer is quick and easy access to make purchases, especially for gifts and items customers really want. There are plenty of successful online jewelry stores, but building a website that looks reliable and trustworthy can be difficult. 

You want your potential customers to be enchanted by the jewellery on your website and be able to see all the finer details of the jewellery you have on offer, so with that in mind, here are 5 features that every jewelry eCommerce site should have on its website. 

Inventory Software 

For many small businesses, using spreadsheets to keep track of orders and inventory is still standard. This is fine if your jewelry company sells a few jewelry pieces a day, but as soon as your business begins to grow, so will your inventory software. Keeping up with the different types of information as your orders increase becomes more difficult if you don’t have some automated system in place. A jewelry inventory software will allow you to sort and label every jewelry item your store sells and break them down into specific categories, such as size, finish, and materials. Not only will this make it easier to keep track of orders already place, but stock levels and popular items, too. 

Detailed Product Descriptions

Product descriptions play a huge role in your eCommerce store and website for a number of reasons. NIt will help your customer get a better idea of the product and help you rank better in search engines, increasing your traffic levels and conversion rate. 

In a brick-and-mortar store, customers can just walk in and ask you questions about jewelry, but this is an experience that is harder to match on an eCommerce website, so having a lack of or vague descriptions on your website could put some customers off from making a purchase. Instead, provide your customers with a very detailed description of your jewellery pieces, such as materials, measurements, carets and sizes available. 

Quality Photos 

Great photography is vital for an eCommerce website, especially for a jewelry store. No matter how high end your jewellery pieces are, if the images are poor or bad quality, then you will likely see this reflected in your sales. In particular, you need to pay attention to make sure that the images show the right jewelry color, design, and size. Customers should also be able to zoom in on individual pieces and from multiple angles. If your store sells vintage engagement rings, for example, then this is obviously a big purchase, and the customer needs to get the right idea of what the jewelry will look like in real life, especially for such a special occasion! 

Offer Multiple Secure Payment Options

If you offer a few different secure payment options, then you are assuring your customers that you are not only a trustworthy store, but that you also take their personal information seriously and want to keep it in safe hands. Secure payment options also allow international visitors to make payments easily, too, so you are broadening your customer base. Having payment options such as Apple Pay allows customers to make quick and easy purchases. Still, if your site offers larger and more expensive jewellery items, it is good to incorporate Pitinto your payment methods to give customers peace of mind. 

Valuable Content 

Creating and maintaining an online store takes a lot of work, but building a user-friendly website is vital. Use your website to interact with customers and ensure that there is valuable content throughout, from detailed product descriptions and social media links and feed integration to a live chat function and interesting videos. You want to give your customers as much detail about you, your business and your products as possible in order to build a good relationship. Interesting blog posts and behind-the-scenes features are great ways to give your customers a glimpse at the “real” people behind the business, too. Not only does having valuable content on your website help customers, but it is also good for building domain authority and ranking. 

5 Features Every Jewelry eCommerce Site Should Have

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