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5 Fabulous Tips for Creating Killer Instagram Ads

The sole objective of creating an ad is to marketing your products and services in a way that reaches a wider mass. Apart from being captivating, your ad must also articulate the right message to the audience while negating the misleads. Instagram is a platform that allows you to flaunt pictures across a cluster of people and indulge in interactions. You are aware of the day-to-day happenings going on around your friends, relatives and millions of other people through Instagram. Just imagine, the ads that you post on Instagram will reach up to how many people? Millions? Billions? One of the best ways to establish your presence is to promote your product through Instagram.

5 Fabulous Tips for Creating Killer Instagram Ads

With such a huge base of active users on Instagram, you certainly have to give an eye catchy visual flash to draw their attention. Let us have a look at the 5 fabulous tips for creating killer Instagram advertising:

  1. Make your ad interactive

Presenting an image or a bunch of photos in slideshow would not fetch you the desired results. Your ad must speak, converse and unveil the message hidden about your object. The visitors will develop interest only if your ad has something alluring to tell. It is always the narratives that put life in ads.

  1. Focus on your Object

A very common mistake that everyone does is to go beyond the context with a view to make a better ad. However, they don’t realize that this can confuse the visitors. You have something else to say while your ad is taking a completely different turn. It is therefore important to understand what object your ad must revolve around and is it giving the right message pertaining to your object? Avoid the confusion state of mix and matching things, as this practice of yours will certainly lose hope in visitors and they would never turn up.

  1. Cut Short
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Many times it is significantly noted that visitors tend to lose interest in an ad that is stretching way beyond. Creating a short and simple yet fascinating ad with a crisp and relevant ad copy is recommendable. This will help in pinpointing the message in particular and escalate the interest of visitors towards the object. No one is inclined towards grabbing unnecessary information. You have to be smart enough to create an ad that just talks about your product, in short, cutting down all inessential data. You have to write a smart and short ad copy, unlike the huge essays that you used to write in your school time.

  1. Different Ad Campaigns

It is not judicious to create one ad and circulate amongst all. Different personalities have different tastes and one ad of yours might not cater to everyone. Make distinctive ad campaigns at Instagram and target to a distinct group of people, keeping the message intact. For instance, if you have multiple businesses, you might consider creating different ads for a different niche. Some people might have to strike the base within one part of your business and do not turn up because your ad speaks about all your fields thus, wasting their precious time. While would a woman focus on men’s sports shoes ad? She would only be interested in checking out women footwear.

  1. Call To Action

Last but not the least, a wonderful tip to your Instagram ad is to get the visitors involved by asking them to subscribe or leave their suggestions. This is the most effective tool for drawing the visitor’s attention towards your product. The Call to action options must be inserted below the ad to avoid any chaos on the part of the visitor. Subscribe us, Join Comments or us box are few of the Call to action tools required to turn the visitor in your court.

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None of us likes to juggle between the things in order to reach a place that is not of so much importance. An ad might not be so important for the visitor but how you can make it important is where your efforts are called for. If the ad is striking then it has a higher probability to be browsed even if it is not in line with the visitor’s interest. You have to make an attempt to cater to a huge mass present on Instagram. Even if the product in the ad is of no use to them, they must still open and envision it. This calls for an extremely intriguing ad that can make a hit with its content and graphics. So what makes you wait? Get up and get started with creating extraordinary ads combining the splendid graphics with wonderfully written ad copy. Target your ads to different groups of people individually to mark a great digital success.

Author Bio: I am Rohin, Cofounder & Director of a tech (Marketing Automation) startup Xplanck, which provides pure mobile-based digital marketing solutions for SMB sector. I previously Co-founded an EduTech startup EOS Edu Ventures and recently launched a Marketing Automation software called Adyogi for prominent E-commerce players. I am a Chartered Accountant & an MBA from Indian School of Business (ISB). I have an industry experience of more than 10 years and have worked with companies like ITC & KPMG.

5 Fabulous Tips for Creating Killer Instagram Ads


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