5 Essential Tips to Find Influencers for Marketing

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5 Essential Tips to Find Influencers for Marketing

Influencer marketing seems enough; find the online influencer, pay them, and watch them attract new customers for your business product or services. However, anybody who has tried influencer marketing knows it’s far easier than searching for influencers for your brand.

The fact is that not anybody can sell your brand product. You can take support from Dina Denoire and provide her with the world to push your product to 994K followers. But if your brand product or service is something that her followers would not be interested in, then it’s probably a waste of time.

Many marketers previously considered an authority in marketing feel like they haven’t gotten their money’s worth from influencer marketing endeavors. This clearly shows how challenging influencer marketing is. There is a misunderstanding about influencer marketing; it’s more about the community than a singular campaign. It demands a good influencer who can sell your product in the best way possible.

Why is it Crucial to Find the Right Influencer?

More than 63% of marketers plan to boost their influencer marketing budget. The influencer marketing market has doubled since 2019; the global influencer marketing market size increased and reached around 14 billion in 2021. However, when you search for influencers for your marketing campaign, there are plenty of options.

Source: (Statista)

On Instagram alone, there are more than 5,00,000 influencers; however, platforms like TikTok have introduced an entirely new generation of influencers. Taking support from influencers provides brands with lots of perks like:

  • They cost less;
  • It helps you target a niche audience;
  • Engage more audience;
  • It helps you promote your beyond generic content;
  • Provides you with fast results;
  • It helps you build long-term relationships

There are many more advantages to taking the support of influencers. But you can’t just appoint your influencer marketing to any individual. It is challenging to narrow multiple options and find the right influencer for your brand. Assigning your product or brand marketing to influencers with thousands or millions of followers is insufficient.

If influencer values do not align with your brand, their controversial post can lead to a PR nightmare. At the same time, a well-matched influencer can help you develop an authentic and loyal relationship with a powerful brand in customers’ eyes. Knowing how to find influencers can make a significant difference.

How do you find the right influencer for marketing?

Winning your potential customer’s trust is crucial to implement successful influencer marketing. However, misalignment between an influencer and a brand is a quick way to break that trust. According to Edelman’s report on brand trust, more than 63% of 18 to 34-year-olds trust what influencers speak about brands more than what specific brands tell about themselves in advertising.

Source: (Edelman)

If you are willing to win that trust without breaking it, it becomes crucial for you to know how to find influencers whose values align with your products or brands. To help you, we have conducted deep research and found a few ways to make finding the best influencer for your brand or product marketing easier.

5 Essential Tips to Find Influencers for Marketing

Understand Your Target Audience

Your targeted audience is an important cornerstone of your influencer marketing approach. Unfortunately, this is where many go wrong; they fail to ensure that their targeted users follow the influence they have decided to collaborate with. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to identify your targeted audience before collaborating with the influence; check out whether the influencer has:

    • Targeted millennials;
    • Moms and middle-aged women;
    • Followers who are interested in the products and services you sell.

Ensure that your targeted audience is similar to your influencers. These are the first things to consider when finding an influencer to market your product.

Credibility in Your Niche

Have you ever checked how Chromat collaborates with influencers focusing on body positivity? Not then; you must check one as it helps you understand with whom to collaborate. Finding an influencer with an excellent reputation on a social platform can do wonders for your brand, as it can easily align with your core principles.

Also, have insight into previous campaigns and content influencers’ posts on their social channels. Check whether they share content related to beauty products or music on a streaming app like Spotify, food restaurants, etc. Find how they interact with their audience and represent the brand before making the final decision.

Your Customer Database

Many companies send their brand products to influencers for free to encourage other advertisements, but why send free products when few have bought and tried them before? Instead, you can search for existing customers, identify social channels attached to influencers, and reach out to them by asking them to share their experience with your branded product or service.

Your Existing Followers and Influencers

Your existing followers and influencers can prove to be the best resources. Your social media sites can provide you with at least one or two people who might have a great following. Collaborating with them can benefit you as it helps improve your reach and allows followers to access your work continuously.

If anyone hasn’t tagged “influencer” in their social profile, reaching those with great reach can help you achieve your targeted goal easily. Someone with hundreds and thousands of followers can share your posts or content, and those posts can initiate a domino effect that permits you to substantially improve the number of people you are amusing with regularly. Those people can become a solid customer base.

Hashtag Search and Influencer Twitter List

Searching hashtags and influencer Twitter lists can help locate people who might work with your brand successfully. This can even help you view content from audiences’ points of view. Likewise, searching for products, competitors, and niches is valuable as it can let you find what your targeted audience is looking for and how to create similar content that interests them.

Influencers like to run in packs as they know linking to other content on social platforms enables them to expand their audience base and reach. Check the Twitter lists of collaborators to target people in the same sphere; this can give you a large pool to select from when looking for influencers to collaborate with.

Did You Find Influencer: What Next?

You might have found the right influencer that shares your company’s values and has an engaged and receptive audience. That’s great! However, it would be best to consider many more things: ask influencers to share their media kit and an influencer’s resume, which includes all essential details about the influencer, like bio, past work, social stats, and more. Checking it can help you find whether an influencer is the right fit for your brand’s needs.

Also, keep your budget in mind. It is reasonable to ask influencers whether their targeted audience has purchased based on their influencer marketing; if yes, what type of products and at what price point? This will help you determine whether this relationship will help you generate great ROI and help you achieve your targeted goals.

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