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5 Essential Elements You Must Have on Your Homepage

Making a good impression, especially a first impression, with website visitors is essential. Your goal is to make a lasting impact when a visitor lands on your page that will ultimately lead them down the purchase path. Considering that your homepage may be the first interaction a visitor has with your business, it is important that you optimize your homepage in order to convert as many leads as possible.

By keeping the user experience as well as conversion rate optimization in mind, you can update your homepage to not only attract more potential customers but also convert them into leads. If your website needs a refresh, here are 5 essential elements to make sure that you have on your homepage.

5 Essential Elements You Must Have on Your Homepage

Straightforward Navigation

Your nav bar is what allows users to navigate through the rest of your site. If your nav bar isn’t clearly labeled or if it isn’t placed in a logical order, users will get frustrated when searching for something and may end up leaving your site. In order to reduce your bounce rate, ensure that your nav bar is straightforward and organized in a way that makes the user’s search easier.

There isn’t just one perfect way that a nav bar should be structured. In fact, it can vary greatly between industries. For an eCommerce site, let’s use The Kratom Connection as an example, it makes sense to have product categories within the nav bar. This helps the user to go straight to the type of product that they’re looking for.

On the other hand, a lead gen site, like Basecamp, doesn’t have different product categories. Instead, their nav bar focuses on giving more information on their one product. In some cases, it may make sense to organize your nav bar based on your different target markets or potentially different uses of your product. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to nav bar setup, but remember that however you choose to organize it, make sure that it makes it easy for your user to find what they’re looking for.

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Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Once you’ve got a user on your website, it’s important to do all that you can to convert them. It needs to be explicitly clear to the user what their next step should – that’s where CTAs come in. CTAs, like “Contact Us Today” or “Download Now”, is an essential part of moving the user along in the sales funnel. Be sure that you have at least one CTA on your homepage, ideally above the fold.

Optimize your CTAs by making them large enough to be clickable on mobile. Additionally, make sure that your CTA stands out using colors that are distinct enough to attract the user’s eye away from the rest of the page. For example, let’s look at Source Capital’s header image on their homepage. They have a clear CTA (“Get Approved Now”) that indicates to the user that the next step to getting a loan is by clicking on the button.

Relevant Headings

Choosing the right headings for your homepage is not only important for organizing your content, but it also tells search engines what your content is about and helps with rankings. It also contributes to the user experience by giving your homepage content structure and making it easier for visitors to follow along. When writing your headings, be clear, concise, and include relevant keywords.

MailChimp does an excellent job of choosing their headings. Take a look at some of the ones that they’ve chosen. Not only do they incorporate keywords that they’re trying to rank for, but they also list the benefits of using their program. Thus, their headings are informative to the user and will positively influence rankings.

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High-Quality Original Images

Users are unimpressed when they visit a site and see a stock photo that they’ve seen a hundred times before. Having high-quality original images establishes credibility and trust with visitors. It allows the visitor to see that you put effort into showcasing your product/service/brand and gives the impression that you put that effort into all aspects of your business.

Another great benefit of using original photography is allowing users to see your employees and make a personal connection with your company. Take Ellevest, for example. By including a shot of their team, they show that they take customer service seriously and that you’ll be dealing with a real member of their team instead of someone in a call center on the other side of the country.

Benefits of Your Products & Services

One of the most important elements of your homepage is describing your product/service and how it could improve the visitor’s life in some way. Highlight the specific benefits of your product/service and what makes it different from competitors’. A compelling overview of what you have to offer will push visitors down the purchase path.

Let’s look at one final example from Warby Parker. While their homepage is very minimal, they make a point of showcasing their main differentiator – the fact that users can try on frames in the comfort of their home for free. This makes it explicitly clear to users why they should choose Warby Parker over the traditional glasses buying experience.


Take these essential elements and apply them to your homepage. With these elements implemented, you are sure to convert more visitors into leads. Additionally, don’t be afraid to test new designs, colors, and content. There is always something to try and improve on your homepage, so get started today!

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5 Essential Elements You Must Have on Your Homepage

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