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5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Where do We Start?

Making a real impact in your email marketing is only possible when you follow through on what works. If you’ve started your marketing and then stopped it in the same attempt, it continues to get harder. There are many mistakes to make when marketing through email. As effective as it is, your work washes down the drain if you keep making the same mistakes.


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This is why we wrote this. The promises of email marketing are close and are obtained with a steady practice of good habits. Let’s begin learning what you can do and how your business can change overnight.

1. Working on the Content but not on the People

Content is king. You’ve heard it before, but don’t focus on the message more than the actual people it’s for. Your investment in content is the same energy you need for building a list. The obstacles of creating a message are as difficult as building a group of people to read it. Balance your work, and change your brand with the following advice.

– Landing Pages

Your landing page is as crucial to your email marketing as the daily or weekly messages you send out. Landing pages are the highest converting pages on the Web, and they give your leads the opportunity to engage with your brand as to feel confident about who you are. Constructing the right page is about having one, sole focus.

You hook the reader in by discussing the issues they live with and how you, like a real living person, came about your own solution. Introduce yourself as the specialist in your field, and give them something to take home that very moment. Go into detail about how your solution stands out and how lives are changed by it.

– Sign-ups

Landing pages don’t have to belong. Yours can be an in-depth 250-word piece or 2,000 words. Your objective is to get people to sign up. This part of your marketing can’t be overlooked. Even if you’ve invested time in this area, the depth of revisions and strategy needed call for you to improve it once again.

2. Taking Your Analytics Lightly

Some marketers begin their email strategy with the hope that, “If you build it, they will come.” That isn’t true. The feedback you get, whether live from your campaigns or from opt-ins are important. Overlooking the behavior of your leads is easy to do when you think your message is already perfect.

Let’s take a look at the factors when using analytics for a real impact:

  • Testing: The best way to confirm your analytics is to test them. Testing requires more than one controlled sample of a message. You then test how those messages perform against each other. The data you receive from analytics tell you what’s performing, when, where and with who. Using that data to develop your theories is key to getting better results.
  • Research: Research never ends. There’s no point where you’ve learned all you can about your leads. Forgetting this is a common mistake. The digital environment is so rapidly changing that your angle may get old fast. Staying fresh is only possible when you’re researching every day.
  • Segmenting Your Leads: There’s no such thing as a universal message when your leads have different sentiments about your brand. Segmenting separates your leads to allow you to send different groups of people messages as relevant to their current buying cycle.

3. Harassing Your Leads with Sales

It’s easier to harass your leads than you might think. Doing so is a common mistake. Don’t get comfortable believing that you have a fool-proof strategy, which the common person’s psychology won’t detect. The consumer’s psyche is more complicated than, “Hello, I want you to buy this.”

– Clichés

You’ve heard them before, “. …but wait, there’s more,” “If you think that was great, try. …” or “This is the ‘best’. …” These all ring a bell in our ears. With clichés, it’s impossible to stand out. Think of it this way: The common things people say weren’t created for the brand you have. You need something original to build trust with. – Salesy Language

Marketers that only ask people to buy find it hard to make sells. The reasons have to do with trust. Online marketing isn’t the same as someone walking into the grocery store. Everything you sell in the grocer is picked off of a self. The consumer feels the weight, does some reading and then asks a clerk for more.

If you only ask consumers to buy, they will block you. It’s a mistake if you’re not offering value. Make sure your value changes lives. Readers then believe you.


4. Paying too Much for Services You Don’t Use

There are a few mistakes to make with money in email marketing. Not everyone hits a home-run the first time around. You need to adjust to find a sweet spot with your leads. The software you need is those without costs. Until your marketing proves itself, you can’t afford many services.

Here’s more to consider with your bankroll:

– Buying Leads

You ask for trouble if buying leads. Have you seen social media accounts with millions of followers? A better look at those accounts reveals that the followers aren’t real people and aren’t engaged. Buying leads put you in the same position. You find a small percent of actual leads in the bundle you purchase.

– Buying Links

Avoid the penalties. This isn’t just for Google. The list you have, they have the power to block or label you as spam. That potential rises further up if these leads aren’t ideal buyers. Every blocked address you incur rates your status and leads you to be rejected by email marketing services.

5. Not Writing Enough and Not Syndicating

You know the dangers of spending too much time on content without perfecting the opt-ins. You still, however, need a hefty supply of material. The secret is syndication. HBO series, for example, are all filmed before anyone episode is released. Having a bulk of emails to send is also your goal. It’s a big mistake to write them the moment you send them out.

– Drip Campaigns:

Drip campaigns work on a collection of materials already finished. This allows you to perfect them. The first you send is followed by the remaining content. This gives you an edge on strategy and keeps you steps ahead of the psychology of your readers.

– Copywriting:

You find trouble if you don’t study or learn about copywriting. This form of writing is what advertising agencies use to write sales that doesn’t come off as salesy. Staying competitive in the market requires this study, and you shouldn’t start without it.

Believing in the Power of Email Marketing

None of our advice has an impact if you don’t believe in email marketing. Email is challenging because we don’t see our leads eye-to-eye. Unlike a store people visit, you have to present your idea to your leads first. Having a solid product and the message to go with it is key.

You then have to be patient to see the results. Just don’t get over anxious, and always believe in the potentials ahead with SketchCorp. Brisbane.

5 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


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