5 Effective Writing Tools Students Can Use for Studies

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Significance of Writing:

Learning is not only about accumulating the knowledge of the subject; learning is about learning to analyze and reproduce. Writing plays an important role in effective learning; after knowing the subject or topic, the real test of learning comes when we have to reproduce the concepts in writings.

How can writing tools be helpful?

Considering the diversity of topics and how to present knowledge, we have developed various tools that can help the students present their ideas effectively. There are several tools available that allow adding visual representations with the texts as well. This feature will greatly help the presenter to present their ideas in a better way. Similarly, some more advanced tools can add illustrations and videos to make your content more understandable and presentable.

With these advancements in tools that help make the content more presentable and more understandable, other tools can improve your writing skill. For example, these tools will help you to proofread your content by highlighting the grammatical mistakes you have made in your text. Similarly, they can also help you make your expression better by assisting you with the right use of articles, prepositions, and writings.

Similarly, other tools can help you select the topic for writing and tell you how to set up Craigslist Alerts. They can be accommodating when facing writer’s block and unable to select the topic you should write. Along with the topic, a good strategy to write also proves helpful to create a good piece of writing, presenting your thoughts clearly. There are various tools available that can help the writer develop a good strategy to write an effective piece of writing.

While making your assignments and doing your home works taking help from the internet is a good idea, but to gain good grades and to assure the uniqueness of your content, your content should be plagiarism free, and the good news is that there are tools available to check the plagiarism as well. These tools will highlight the plagiarized text in your document so that you can remove the plagiarism and make it unique.

Following are the details of the writing tools available to assist you in your studies:

1-Essay Writing: The Basics:

This tool provides all the basic guidelines about the structure and content of the essay. It assists the writer with the basic steps in essay writing. Moreover, it helps to determine and fulfill all the requirements of a good essay. Finally, it guides the writer about an essay’s basic structure and elements that will ultimately produce a good essay.

2-Study Smart:

Study smart is another effective tool that would help you visualize your information rather than a plain textual document. This website will provide you with videos and pdf documents full of visuals and illustrations to explain better writing and learning tips. Moreover, it will also take an online quiz to test the knowledge of the student. This tool is comparatively more beneficial for students who prefer visual illustrations over plain textual explanations.

3-Topic Suggestion Tool:

This tool helps the writer to choose the topic that is exactly presenting your ideas. All you have to do is enter the keywords related to the topic you want to write on, choose the filter to scrutinize the results, get the more relevant suggestions, and get all the amazing relevant topics.


Grammarly is a beneficial tool when it’s about spellcheck and grammar correction. This amazing tool provides you the facility to write in the application to instantly make the corrections. Moreover, you can also upload your document in the application detection and correction of errors. Grammarly also provides you with the more appropriate synonyms of the words used in your document to enhance your text’s quality.

5-Plagiarism Checker:

This tool will help you to make your content unique and qualitative. A plagiarism checker will check your text against thousands of websites to check if it’s unique or not. After checking, it will highlight the plagiarized text if there will be any in your text. This tool can be beneficial to make your content unique and more valuable.

The above-mentioned tools can help every student, either school students, take online sessions or enroll in any online Quran Academy to make your assignments, home works, and tasks more unique, qualitative, and accurate. Moreover, these tools will also help you learn and apply new strategies and techniques to make your learning more effective and productive.

5 Effective Writing Tools Students Can Use for Studies

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