5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Sales

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The eCommerce industry has been booming ever since its inception with an estimation of eCommerce retail sales worldwide to reach $5 trillion by 2021. Businesses have seen a paradigm shift where they have moved to digital platforms to sell their offerings as the consumers are now shopping over the internet as much as in brick and mortar stores. 

But the increasing number of businesses moving to digital has made it more crowded, competitive and challenging than ever. eCommerce platforms keeping up the industry trends, ever-changing consumer needs, and technological advancements have been successful in this industry. 

eCommerce: Existing challenges

eCommerce platforms are making huge investments in digital marketing fields such as Search engine optimization, Facebook adverts, Pay-per-click, keywords and google ads to target the audience to drive traffic to the platform. 

But still, the eCommerce platforms are facing problems like high bounce rate and cart abandonment with the silver lining is that they are able to generate traffic to their website. So, this shows there is a gap between lead generation and conversion as visitors are coming to the website but not converting into sales. 

And no one is addressing the elephant in the room that is a root cause to this gap i.e. User’s experience

In the present era, User experience is the key to any user’s brand loyalty, recognition, conversion and building community. And the focus has been on driving traffic rather than on providing a superlative experience to the users and that has affected the sales of the eCommerce platforms. 

Few strategies have been listed to help you increase your eCommerce sales this year and gain consumers and better revenue.

  1. Embed Shoppable Posts On Your Ecommerce Website

Shoppable posts have been an instant hit in the digital spectrum. Shoppable posts are posts that have a tag attached to it that allows the users to buy the showcased product in the post from the post itself.

Shoppable posts are posts containing visuals, which have been uploaded by the users, influencers or even the brand showcasing some product(s). Embedding shoppable posts gives your platform a sense of social proof and establish creative quotient.

Taggshop is one such tool that comes with different customization options to creatively design, moderate, personalize and embed shoppable posts on any website. 

Embedding shoppable posts on your eCommerce platforms facilitate you to sell the product instantly without causing the hassle to the user to go to different pages and websites and saves time and effort for the consumer eventually reducing the bounce rate and enhance conversion. 

  1. User-Generated Content Marketing

Again User-generated content is the key element to shoppable posts as well. The inclusion of user-generated content is vital for any business in their marketing strategies. 

As consumers tend to trust the words of a co-consumer rather than the business. Therefore, the marketing of user-generated allows the eCommerce platform to gain much-needed proof of authenticity, security and customer satisfaction index.

Besides shoppable posts, user-generated content should be displayed with the products on the eCommerce platform to enhance engagement levels giving a sense to the consumer that their opinions, ideas, experiences, and feedback with the products and the business are being valued. 

  1. Inclusion of visual commerce

 Visuals are a must in the eCommerce industry, as nobody would buy a product just by reading about it unless it’s free. People need images or videos of products for them to see what they are buying, its aesthetics and more importantly authenticity. And it is a proven fact that people respond to and engage with visuals more effectively and positively.

Visual commerce is where you include creative or user-generated photos and engaging videos about the product which can be supported by virtual reality try-on traits to add a layer of shopability to the platform. This enriches the customer’s shopping experience and amplifies their behavior and conversion rate. 

  1. Collaborative promotion

Collaborations could be hugely beneficial in increasing sales of your eCommerce platform and is a win-win strategy for both business and the partner. Collaborations could be with a brand or even an influencer.

Collaborations are cost-effective and provide you the exposure to a huge set of fresh untapped audience that is loyal to the brand or the influencer and will take their word for it. Besides that, it will help in providing a face to the eCommerce platform leading to positive brand identity, network building and a fresh set of consumers. 

  1. Personalized experience

Personalization has been on the rise in the marketing industry. As consumers are not interested in accessing and viewing the information that is not relevant to them and is spamming their device.

Using artificial intelligence, cookies, and analytics, eCommerce should focus on providing recommendations and based on the consumer’s interests, online behavior, requirements, search queries, page visits, and clicks. This will result in a more wholesome in-store experience to the consumers.

This might seem like a complex task but with time it has become easy to integrate chatbots, AI, and analytics tools to gather and report such data necessary for personalization. 

To Conclude

As we say Big things come in small packages, and it can be proved by these listed strategies. These strategies are all focused on enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience (Big thing) with no huge costs, time consumption and human labor (small package) into marketing.

And eCommerce is a competitive industry and thus staying ahead in the competition and harnessing the consumers is a tough task. And the persistent progression of technology, social media, consumers’ purchasing power has intensified it even more.

So, employing these strategies will help you increase your eCommerce sales in an extremely effective and efficient mechanism.

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5 eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Sales