5 Easy Steps for Kids to Learn SEO in 2022

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5 Easy Steps for Kids to Learn SEO in 2022

Today’s world is full of opportunities. Even a kid can start to learn about SEO and make money. Our world can provide anything; we need some interest and patience. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic from search engines. And kids can do it easily with WordPress, Google AdSense, and some SEO knowledge. 

The five easy steps for a kid to learn SEO in 2022 are:

  • Understand the aim of SEO

First of all, every kid should understand what SEO is and what it is used for. A basic understanding of SEO can help your kid to develop an interest. It will show an interest in learning about the importance of SEO, the benefits, what we will get on doing SEO, etc. Basic knowledge of SEO helps them to understand the aim of it.

  • Master profitable keywords.

For every SEO to become successful, we should first identify keywords that will rank, and that is more profitable, etc.  Nowadays t, there are a lot of free keywords finding tools like SEMrush, workstream, etc. These tools help kids understand which keywords are profitable and mainly rank in google. And they can use that keyword for ranking their website in google. So it will help them to get recognized by google.

Another way is to help your kid track the keywords their site already ranks and help them concentrate on that keywords and make them rank. This will be an excellent opportunity to rank on the front page, where most people will have the vision. By increasing the quality and quantity of your kids content 

  • Figure out the content and ways to improve it.

People sight your perception in their purpose and engrossment.

Help your kid develop some ideas that need to add depth to the topic and add a huge value to the content using keywords. Make them read a lot on the topic they want to write about and help them add more information to the blog. Reading can help improve their language skills and have more details of particular topics they are interested in. This will also help in their academics and other extracurricular activities. Use synonyms and most ranked keywords on the content. It also helps your kid to develop their skills. Always try to enroll them in skill development courses to improve their expertise. 

Ensure the acceptance of robots on a website.

If we want people to visit our site, first we should make sure that we can find. So make sure that your kids write content not only for their audience but also for search engines. We can’t just ignore crawlers. So make sure that your kid is ready to access robots like crawlers, spiders, etc. 

Here are some tips for your kids to get attention from crawlers:

    • First, always keep your navigation simple – Make sure that there are no tough pages to get to from your web page.
    • Always try to keep your URLs short as possible – The directory structure within the URL should always make sense to crawlers, or they won’t run through your URL.
    • Don’t put texts as a part of the image – Bots won’t run the text that is a part of an image. So make sure the text associated with an image is on the top of the image. If text is not in the HTML source mentioned as text, the bot will not crawl it.
    • Don’t forget to check whether the page is crawled or not – If your kid’s page is not crawled, it means that there will be content that was not accessible by Google. So correct the content and make it crawl one more time.

Focus on links and not the likes.

Make your kids understand that likes are not the important part but the links. The backbone of a website is a backlink. Teach them what backlinks are and ways to get backlinks, ideas to pitch for backlinks, etc. Make sure that your kid writes worthy content, even about a car or a cat; the content should be worth providing links from other sites. Always make them select desirable domain names. Likes are very easy to score, but it is always challenging to get backlinks. 

To Sum Up

SEO seems like a simple subject that anyone can master. However, with determination and hard work, a kid interested in learning the core topic of digital marketing can easily learn SEO in 2022. You can follow those easy steps to learn SEO effortlessly, as mentioned above. 

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5 Easy Steps for Kids to Learn SEO in 2022