5 Crucial Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

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5 Crucial Things to Consider When Designing a Logo

A lot of hard work goes into making a small business successful. One of the main things you need to do when trying to set your business apart from the competition is to focus on branding. Businesses that build recognizable brands have a much easier time moving into new markets.

A great logo is one of the main things you need to build your brand. Over 78 percent of consumers view logos as works of art. Are you in the process of designing a logo for your business? If so, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Start by Choosing a Design Style

The first step in creating a logo for your business is finding the right graphic design company to work with. A graphic designer’s portfolio will give you a feel for their capabilities. Once you hire a graphic designer, you need to iron out the details of what you want. For example, your graphic designer will want to know what design style you want to use for your new logo.

Logo style design styles include:

    •       Handmade
    •       Classic
    •       Minimalist
    •       Fun
    •       Retro

Once your graphic designer knows what style you want to use, they can begin drafting a few options to choose from.

Your Logo Should Be Reflective of Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with their logos is using a design that isn’t indicative of what they do. Failing to use colors or images that align with your business can confuse potential customers. You can easily create a brand identity by creating a logo that aligns with your business. With this brand identity, you will have no problem remaining competitive.

Research Your Direct Competitors

If you are new to the world of logo design, you might find it difficult to get inspired. Settling for just any logo can put your business at a disadvantage. This is why you need to research before settling on a logo design. The first thing you need to do when attempting to get inspiration for your business logo is to research your direct competitors.

Looking at the logo designs of your competitors is a great way to see how they approached this process. While you need to avoid directly ripping off their designs, you can get inspiration from the competition.

A business logo should tell a story. Humans are visual beings, for the most part. This is why sayings like a picture are worth a thousand words hit home for most people. If you want your logo to make a good impression on your target audience, you need to use colors uniquely. Bright and bold colors will help you grab the attention of potential customers.

Avoid Using The Wrong Font

Another important thing to consider when designing a logo is the font being used. Unfortunately, some business owners make the mistake of using fonts that are hard to read. Unfortunately, consumers will largely ignore logo fonts that are hard to read. This is why you need to focus on using an appealing and easy-to-read font.


By implementing the great tips in this article, you can produce a logo your audience will love.