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5 Common Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Owing to the modern tools for website designing available in the market, designing a website has turned out to be a very easy affair. It is however largely dependent on the creativity levels of the designer since conventional designs have gone out-dated.

Despite the fact that designing a website is easy, ensuring that the design is up to the mark can be a major hassle. This is where creativity comes to the test, and certain tips can help you avoid making the most common errors while designing a webpage. Avoiding these simple mistakes will ensure that you are able to design a website, which feels good, and surfs even better.

5 Common Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid

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Not integrating a search box

No matter what be the size of the website and its internal pages, a search box is mandatory. It ensures that people are easily able to address their search query and get a hold of the information that they need all at once. Have a look at Static Tumblr creation tips.

Statistically, it also helps to influence the navigation within the webpage. It makes navigation easier and at the same time provides a professional look to the website.

Lack of call to action

No matter what be the niche of the webpage, a “call to action” is mandatory. It makes the concept even clearer and allows the person to subscribe, download and share content on the go. If you need people to sign up for your website or indulge in daily subscriptions, having a ‘call to action” is an absolute must.

Stuffing the webpage with content

A visually enticing webpage is ought to have the right proportion of free spaces, content and media files like pictures. Ideally, if the webpage is to be divided into 3 parts then the ratio of all the three elements needs to be a uniform 1:1:1.

This will ensure that you can get rid of the cluttered feel from within the webpage that is often induced due to a large amount of content on the webpage.


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Making the use of stale content

Content is one of the most important aspects associated with any website. It helps in promoting the website among the people and the common media. It is also the primary form of interaction between the traffic and the webpage.

It is vital to structure the content using headings, titles, subheadings, bullets and much more. The content needs to be appropriately descriptive and rich in keywords as well. If pictures are used then the content needs to be able to connect with it so that people can clearly relate to the concept.

Inconsistency with the design

One of the most common errors performed by website designers is when they try to incorporate too much into a single website. They tend to integrate several designs within the different pages of the website. This causes inconsistency with the design plan and at times can be intensely frustrating the common public. It can also compromise the surfing experience and hamper the interface considerably.

If you wish to design a website then make sure of avoiding the aforementioned mistakes since they can be the difference between a credible and flop webpage.

 5 Common Website Designing Mistakes to Avoid

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