5 Common Question about Selling on Amazon

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Regarding Amazon, there are always many people encountering problems. These problems often include product research, keywords, shipping restrictions, and so on. It is often a problem that is very easy to fix. However, if it can’t be solved, the shop will potentially from missed sales opportunities. The following is a summary of 5 common QA about Amazon, hoping to help Amazon sellers.

Q: Can’t find products in keywords


  1. If you can’t search for keywords, use long-tail words and slowly increase the keywords’ length. Then, copy the title, and you will be able to search. Normally, add a brand word, and it can be searched out.
  2. Use hyperlinks, which are risky but very small.
  3. If it’s just that the keyword ranks very low, you can search it yourself before the customer places the order and tell them the specific location.
  4. Failure to fill in the UK local zip code in the upper left corner will cause keywords to search the product.
  5. Require buyers to search using brand name + keywords.

Q: Product ranking disappeared

A: If you can’t search your own product on Amazon with ASIN, it is 90% likely to be marked as an adult product. How to be marked as an adult product, the original advertisement will be suspended, or a new advertisement will be created. When the SKU is added, it will prompt “the adult product does not meet the promotion conditions.” After confirming that it is marked as an adult product, open a case to let the customer service remove the adult mark. If this is not the case, you can update the product category and find the customer service refresh to solve it.

Q: How to break through the shipping restrictions?


  1. There is a limit on the quantity that can be shipped; e quantity of goods you want to send exceeds the maximum limit. At this time, the stacking quantity is planned through the consolidated delivery plan.
    • Create a shipping plan (the quantity should not be high), and click Finish.
    • Open many web pages simultaneously, create some shipping plans and then quickly add to the completed plan.
  2. It cannot be shipped. In this case, refurbishment is generally adopted, and the current risk is normal because internal employees operate it in the United States.
      • Create/sell an ASIN to create a shipping plan.
      • Create a shipping plan. If the new one is restricted, the first method will be used to increase the quantity. However, it is recommended to follow and sell the whitelisted ASIN, and the number to send is not limited.

Q: Amazon product research standards


  1. Small size, lightweight, strong, and durable-easy to pack and mail, and reduce storage space
  2. The price is between 10-50 dollars-by increasing the unit price, you can easily increase your ability to earn millions of dollars through sales.
  3. Unbranded (with brand potential)-higher available profit
  4. Low competition-greater opportunity to enter the market
  5. Low seasonality-look for products that can be sold throughout the year and are not limited to seasonal sales.
  6. No legal issues-avoid picking up products with trademarks or legal issues.

Q: Free tools commonly used by Amazon sellers


  1. Amazon product research tool: AmzChart
  2. Amazon store tracking tool: SellerCenter
  3. Amazon social product selection tool: SocialNiche
  4. Facebook advertising cost benchmark tool: ADCostly
  5. Advertising audience analysis tool: AdTargeting

If you have more frequently asked questions, welcome to inform us, and I will continue to update Amazon-related content for you. I look forward to everyone developing a lot of Amazon BSR and earning a lot of money as soon as possible.

5 Common Question about Selling on Amazon

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