5 Clever Ways You Can Promote Your Brand with TikTok Marketing

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5 Clever Ways You Can Promote Your Brand with TikTok Marketing

It would be best if you always turned to social media for the latest updates when keeping up with trends. From recipes to photo filters to crazy memes, social media is the place to go.

You might think entertainment is the only advantage these platforms have. But with the growing need for technology, more and more brands are turning to the new age of digital media to promote and grow their names.

We used to be glued to our screens, endlessly scrolling through photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. But times have shifted, and we’ve welcomed a new player.

TikTok started as a platform for eccentric content creators who like to showcase their dancing and acting skills. This trending platform has transformed from an entertainment app to the go-to space for promoting your business. It has become proven to be practical and sharp.

If you have an e-commerce site and wish to take it to a new level, Tiktok is the way to go.

Understanding How TikTok Works

TikTok is far different from Facebook and Instagram. As a result, the whole marketing strategies for these three platforms vary from each other.

For one, TikTok carries out unique trends and features, following different consumer behaviors. Users are treated with content they are most likely to watch depending on their recent activity.

Some different tabs and sections cater to every user’s various needs.

In addition to the much fun content online, TikTok can also test your creative skills. So it’s a loud call to brush up on your editing prowess with the latest trends online.

You’ll soon realize that you’ve been sucked into the TikTok universe in a matter of minutes.

It is such a practical platform that’s why many brands—from small-scale to prominent names—found their way to embracing the app. This is to help further their business growth.

Why You Should Use TikTok for Business

The app started humbly back in 2016 and has grown exponentially ever since. Today, it has garnered over 1 billion users making it one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

Are you wondering whether you should promote your business using TikTok?

Well, think of it this way: When you build a physical shop, you must consider the location. It has to be accessible to potential shoppers and can attract significant foot traffic.

If you place your shop in a remote location with few customers around the block, you’re using up your resources for a futile cause. But when you decide to open up a store where the people are, you can likely benefit from it.

The same goes when you use Tiktok. With over 1 billion users, you don’t have to worry about getting people to visit your shop. As they say, go where the crowd is.

All you need to understand is how to attract them to your page.

In business, you have to consider essential elements to achieving success. Check out this example of a business plan. Moreover, all you have to do is start learning the process, and you’ll be surprised by the results. 

How Brands Can Leverage TikTok

Managing and maintaining a business is a life-long process. You have to adapt to the changing times.

You can leverage TikTok to grow your digital marketing strategy. That’s because it allows you to expand the number of marketing channels you can use to promote your brand. You can crosspost your TikTok content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms where creative content is widely embraced.

It’s ideally one of the most effective ways—and the most accessible, too—if you want to get your brand out there. Using TikTok is also ideal for reaching a younger consumer market, especially if you run an SEM campaign.

While SEO is cost-efficient, Search Engine Marketing proves to boost your TikTok campaigns. You can do this by promoting a branded TikTok video hoping that people will see it, and then it will go viral.

These tools work together to improve your brand traction. That said, here are five marketing tips on how you can bring TikTok to your corner and claim followers and sales conversion:

Brainstorm and Upload Authentic Content

The thing about TikTok is that the patrons value authentic content. Whether professionally done or not, the magic is when you share a video or photo that’s entirely yours.

It’s not hard to create your content on TikTok, especially with the numerous editing tools you can work on.

The value that TikTok can offer is that it aims to source viral and shareable content. You may not have thought about this when you started your business. But joining the bandwagon and adhering to the trend culture could potentially grow your brand in a matter of months.

Leverage User-Generated Content

You’ll see plenty of young ones on this platform.

Like Gen Zs and millennials, the younger generation often urges to be involved and be part of the picture. To have a marketing edge, make use of user-generated content.

Influence them to be part of a campaign that you’re running on TikTok. It can be a competition type or just plain fun. You’ll be surprised at how inviting others to join the project can help you generate tons of content.

This strategy can be most useful when you don’t have a regular content creator to do the job. It’s quick, easy, and has a lot of potential.

Run a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Hashtags are here for a reason. It’s not only meant to test how witty you are.

One of the most popular trends on TikTok is the hashtag challenge. It might be the meatiest substance in TikTok marketing.

Creating a branded hashtag can encourage other users to use your tag and carry it out outside TikTok. It’s a great tool to promote your brand with little to no cost.

But before you create your brand hashtag, spend time researching and looking at your competitors’ strategies. Of course, you don’t want to have the same hashtags as them, so you might want to be careful with that.

Create TikTok Ads That Convert

Set aside a budget for TikTok ads that you can pay monthly or weekly, depending on your need.

You can be playful with TikTok ads. Unlike Facebook, where you’re only allowed to promote a post, in TikTok, you can spend your money by doing any of these four options:

    • Brand takeover
    • Native Ad
    • Sponsored Hashtag Challenge
    • Branded lens

Among these four, the most creative route you can take is the branded lens, wherein you can create a filter that the app users can use however they want to. Just be sure to incorporate major brand recall into the filter while making it fun and interactive.

Work with Relevant TikTok Influencers

The influencer culture is still upon us. And with TikTok as the new talk of the town, influencers made sure to join the fun and be relevant. However, it remains to be an effective marketing strategy.

So, if you’re considering spending a portion of your budget to pay ambassadors, you might consider getting TikTok influencers to do the job for you.

Depending on what you’re selling, you can easily find influencers on the app that could help make your content viral.

When you approach the right person, you can sleep well at night knowing you successfully convey your brand’s message.

Over to You

There are many other ways to grow your brand. However, social media has helped a whole lot when it comes to building awareness.

Technology may be an enemy to some. But when you wholly embrace the concept of going digital, you’ll realize how much of a blessing it can be. More so if you’re a budding e-commerce platform.

When promoting your businesses, keeping an open mind is always best. The learning process may never end, but at least it can give value to what you do.

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