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5 Business Lessons from The Joker (The Dark Knight)

“If you are good at something, never do it for Free!”

Among a group of friends, there is always a certain person who is a freak about the super fictional movies. Most of the fan following is observed from among the Marvel series. There is one fictional character that despite playing negative has a tremendous fan following i.e. The Joker. He is hands-down one of the most famous and greatest villain (In most of the poles, he is regarded as the Number 1 villain in the history). Although he is known for his insane attitude and isn’t really the best person to find inspiration from in the movie The Dark Knight he has delivered some amazing and brilliant business ideas. There are five lessons that can be pondered upon to develop some amazing business venture.

5 Business Lessons from The Joker

  1. Take risk

It is pretty straightforward advice that lies for the entrepreneurs to take a risk just as the Joker did, a great business idea that needs to be shared. A vision one holds with the general public.  The key is to try and learn from these situations. If you have a good quality product and you market it properly you can gain a large share of it and make money. It also instructs us to make some whoopsies mistakes and find a better way to move forward efficiently.

  1. Seek Growth

Most of the companies and individuals offer certain services for free to the individuals. If they are good something then they must charge. Most of the universities ask professions from the different background to provide career advice or consultation because one is good at it. Take charge of it, and don’t donate your time for free. Compensate your time by charging for it.

  1. Make every move count

As a leader, you should be nurtured with your surroundings, as Joker did, by offering leadership to the same criminal mindset and taking advantage of their strength for his own motives i.e. taking over the Gotham city. In the same way, companies pay employees in contrast to the services offered but realizing the potential market trends and adopting strategies. It all depends upon the tactics to be more effective we can offer an incentive to the employees just as joker offered to the other players of ruling the city parallel.

  1. Aim towards personal satisfaction

The statement doesn’t imply doing things for monetary benefits only. It can also be done for gaining personal satisfaction as well. There’s much more in life than working for financially abundant future and that something is personal satisfaction. Personal satisfaction helps you work through life’s problems more effectively both in terms of personal and financial stability and helps reap life-long benefits

  1. Personal development

Most of the professions practice certain skills for free to polish or develop, to enhance their personal growth and boost career success. Most of the student’s intern at a place to develop skills and gain exposure to the market that could help them move forward. It requires developing systems that increase the chance of success. A huge amount of struggle is required but at the end, it is all worth it. One needs to value the expertise and intelligence, eliminate all sorts of self-doubts, just as Joker did. An experience is invaluable therefore strive for the best conditions for yourself. Use what you have learned to drive your way up and develop skills that could pay you later.

Every individual possesses a certain skill that they are good at; all it requires is discovering what it is. If one is exceptionally good at something and actually enjoy doing it then it automatically adds to their worth. So focus on finding what that particular skill which could assist you in getting paid for.

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5 Business Lessons from The Joker

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