5 Best Ways to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

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Many E-commerce business leaders will focus solely on driving more traffic to their stores, or they’ll spend a fortune on paid advertisements when they should have been focusing on building loyalty and consumer trust. The truth is that there is no single way to boost your E-commerce business, rather, you have to employ numerous strategies, and their complementary tactics that will increase brand visibility and reach, improve brand authority and trust, and drive quality leads to your website that have the intention to buy. The operative word here is, of course, quality.

Some of these tactics can be as simple as bundling products together, creating special deals and discounts, or personalizing your email campaigns to appeal to the modern customer. In contrast, others can be more complex and require you to leverage behavioral data, build social proof, and optimize the shopping journey for your visitors. So, let’s break down these complex tactics, make them simple, and show you how you can use them to skyrocket your conversion rates.

Leverage customer data

In an oversaturated industry such as E-commerce, there is so much data flowing around that it can be difficult to monitor industry trends and make accurate predictions that will allow you to innovate and always stay ahead of the game. No matter how difficult it may seem, though, your goal should be to collect and collate as much customer data from all relevant platforms so that you can transform it into actionable reports that will help you make better business decisions. After all, no one can tell you how to boost sales better than your own customers. 

With that in mind, be sure to leverage big data analytics and use AI-driven solutions that will allow you to easily track all customer data and turn it into comprehensive reports without wasting money or human power in the process. Complemented by machine learning, this will allow you to capitalize on every opportunity and customer pain point.

Rank higher in organic searches

Rank higher in organic searches

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While it is true that paid advertising is an important part of a successful marketing strategy for E-commerce companies, it’s also important to keep in mind that paid ads can be costly and that they don’t guarantee an influx of quality traffic to your website. This is why you need to shift your focus on SEO and consider what meticulous search engine optimization can do for your E-commerce store in the long run. For one, SEO leads to better brand visibility and authority in the competitive online world simply by positioning your store at the top of the relevant SERPs, which will let your customers know that Google trusts you.

This is why you must research your primary and supplementary keywords and integrate them into your site’s copy, product descriptions, blog posts, and content in general. Along with off-page optimization, such as optimizing your site for mobile commerce (M-commerce), this will help rank your website high in organic searches and drive quality traffic to your store. From there, converting visitors will be a breeze.

Focus heavily on building social proof

Hold on, driving quality leads to your site might be great, but you still have some work to do if you are to inspire them to buy from your store and spread the word of your amazing brand to their family and friends across the online world. Namely, you have to build social proof on your website, which is essentially the art of getting website visitors to follow in the footsteps of your existing customers through positive encouragement, reviews, and mental cues.

To achieve this, E-commerce business leaders will often integrate a comprehensive social proof tool like Cue that displays notifications to website visitors whenever someone buys something from your site. This positive reinforcement empowers your potential customers to put their trust in your brand as well and either make a purchase or, at the very least, sign up for your newsletter or download your free eBook. Complemented by product ratings and reviews, as well as user-generated content, these notifications will build your social proof and inspire people to trust you. 

Integrate cross-channel sales 

Nowadays, you can’t expect your customers to buy from your website alone, especially because they spend most of their time on social media and browsing through other platforms online. If you succeed in this social-media-driven world, you need to integrate a cross-channel sales strategy, meaning you have to facilitate sales through numerous online and even offline platforms. This strategy should include social media sales (including shoppable photos), email sales, and SMS and phone sales. In turn, this will allow you to reach more customers and help them decide to buy.

Simplify the shopping journey

Last but not least, always try to find new ways to reduce customer effort and simplify their shopping journey. Be sure to optimize your website structure to make it as intuitive as possible and integrate handy functions such as a search bar, a sidebar with quick product filters and categories, and of course, a live chat function. When the customer does decide to buy, don’t ask them to log in, and don’t force them through a series of steps and pages – put all checkout information on a single page, and they will convert.

Wrapping up

E-commerce is becoming more competitive year after year, and if you want to improve conversions, you need to keep innovating and improving the shopping experience. Use these tips to skyrocket your sales over the long term, and grow sustainably.

5 Best Ways to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Conversion Rates

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