5 Best Ways To Sell eCommerce Products Online – eCommerce Trends 2021

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With the increasingly digital world, a business needs to move beyond the physical channels and use digital platforms. It helps reach a wider audience in new customer pockets and make a strong presence of the brand. Around 2.14 billion people will opt to buy goods and services online by 2024, making e-commerce platforms a wise choice. Whether you have ventured into the e-commerce arena for your business or not, now is the time to make the most of it.

Do you want to sell extension cords online? Are you looking for ways to start your e-commerce business and grow your brand in 2021? Read on and find out the best ways to achieve that in the coming year.

5 Best Ways To Sell eCommerce Products Online In 2021

eCommerce Trends 2021

What are the best ways to sell products online in 2021?

From commoditized products to niche products to clothing discounts, every product finds a place on e-commerce platforms today. If you have a business of extension cord, you can sell your products online through various e-commerce platforms. Here are the five best ways to help you sell through digital means:


Shopify, a Canadian commerce company, is one of the best platforms to sell online. It has over 1,20,000 traders and merchants who use it to sell their goods. Shopify is a comprehensive solution that can help you sell a wide array of products. The platform can help you streamline the entire selling process for you. With excellent customer support features, it allows you to make changes or fix mistakes quickly.

It also has a mobile application by which you can accept payments and keep control of the gallery, anywhere and anytime. You can also get decent SEO optimization to help generate traffic for your store. The lowest plan starts at $29.99 per month to start your e-commerce store.

Shopify eCommerce

Shopify – eCommerce trends 2021


A reasonably new yet popular platform that can help you sell extension cords online is WooCommerce. It comes with easy integration with the blog management system WordPress. Even though it was launched recently, WooCommerce is running 28% of all e-commerce sites. You can get access to numerous themes to customize your storefront. It is an open-source plugin that you can download for free. While there is no transaction fee, you will need an excellent hosting solution for the WordPress site.

WooCommerce is a light application that will not require large server space. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and offers seamless integration with email marketing and coupon codes.


eBay is an all-inclusive marketplace ideal for almost every type of business, including that of extension cords. Selling on the platform is easy. You can start by taking a few pictures of the cord and then list them using the online selling format you like. While it allows you to reach a large audience, it becomes slightly more challenging to get your target users. eBay will enable you to reach buyers all across the globe. The platform charges 10% of the sales, which can make it an expensive option. It also easy integration with PayPal and offers you seller protection to minimize risks associated with online selling.

Selling Online

eBay – eCommerce trends 2021


BigCommerce is yet another popular e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized businesses. While it began as a self-hosted commerce software, it now operates as a highly effective hosted shopping platform. With the recent upgrade, BigCommerce offers you plenty of templates and designs to present your products aesthetically. You can get more than 100 free and mobile responsive themes. What makes BigCommerce a popular choice is the outstanding SEO performance to attract users and grow the business.

The platform offers multi-channel selling, which implies that you can also use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to sell your goods. You don’t need to work on the technical aspects like hosting with BigCommerce and focus solely on growing your store.


For those seeking an e-commerce platform with ease of use and flexibility, Wix is an ideal choice. It offers a user-friendly editor to help you create your online store from scratch, or you can access the 500 unique design templates provided by Wix. It will help you present the products in the best possible way. You can add as many products as you like to your store.

Wix also offers social media integration to allow you to present the products to consumers on Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest. It sends you email notifications to stay updated with your orders at all times. While Wix offers a free plan, you cannot sell your products through it. The e-commerce plan begins at only $25 per month, and with this plan, you can run your store smoothly.

eCommerce Online Store

Wix – 5 Best Ways To Sell eCommerce Products Online In 2021

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, e-commerce offers enormous growth potential. It can help a business reach a wider audience, interact with them, and convert them into sales. If you wish to grow your business and increase revenue, it is time to step into the world of digital selling. Set up a store on any e-commerce platform and sell extension cords online.

5 Best Ways To Sell eCommerce Products Online – eCommerce Trends 2021

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