5 Best Tips for Better Google Surfing Results

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5 Best Tips for Better Google Surfing Results

Finding the right website on Google can be a troublesome process. However, you can change how you usually surf to yield better results.

There are hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet. Due to this, an excessive amount of information is available at our disposal. This, however, doesn’t always help us, as at times, we don’t find the place we want to reach. This calls for searching for ways to improve our surfing results over the Internet in general and Google in particular.

Using keywords is the most basic way to reach the desired place on a search engine, but this doesn’t always prove to be helpful. According to royal.Pingdom.com, there are around 255 million websites on the Internet. Unfortunately, this also means millions of websites on a single topic will also be. This is why when you search for something on Google, it shows you millions of search results.

So, if the keywords aren’t helping anymore, you can experiment with one or more of the tips mentioned below.

Search for a Specific Phrase

The search results improve when you write a line or a phrase instead of a single word. This takes your search results close to your desired spot because millions of websites can use a single word simultaneously, but the chances of a particular phrase being used are much less.

Therefore, if you can search for a related phrase, your chances of finding the desired website/content will increase by many folds.

Use File Operators

Google is filled with all sorts of files on every type of topic. You can reduce your surfing efforts if you know what you are looking for. You can search for the exact file and save time using the file command.

You need to write the file format after the search material in the search bar. For instance, if you want to find the benefits of coffee for your teeth, write, ‘Coffee is good for my teeth filetype:pdf/doc/ppt,’ and Google will display results in that particular format only.

Search for a single website

If you know the website where you can find the desired material, you can reach it by restricting your search to that particular website only. For this, you will need to mention the website in the Google search bar along with some keywords or phrases.

Use Purifying Filters

Filters are another way of improving the search results on Google. For example, after you type something in the search bar, click the ‘Tools’ button on the bottom right, and there you can filter out the things that you wish to get rid of.

Use ‘–‘sign

This method is fruitful if you exclude something from your search results. For example, if you type Doctor – Hospital, the search results you get will not contain the word ‘hospital’ in them.

Google is a very useful search engine, so many people turn to it whenever they are looking for something. However, it would be best if you searched smartly.

Discussed above are some of the ways through which search results can be improved on Google. Use any of these methods and instantly save your time by reaching your desired websites.

Author: The author of this article is Ellie Malan. She holds a Master’s Degree in CS; she is also a writer at Assignment Writing Service and is currently associated with a private firm in the US.

5 Best Tips for Better Google Surfing Results

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