5 Best Practices for SMS Marketing

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5 Best Practices for SMS Marketing

The SMS marketing technique is a tool that organizations and businesses use to market their products and services ad connect with customers via text messages sent on their phones. Most companies prefer the SMS marketing technique because of the unmatched open rates; a highly receptive audience is available for this kind of marketing. Also, it provides the customer with adequate time to go through your services and make an informed decision as they get to carry the SMS on their phones with them the whole day. 

The following are the best practices to employ in SMS marketing.

1. Get Permission

Proper etiquette dictates that you only send SMS to people who have authorized to do so. However, for the sake of your business’ success, you must adhere to the principles and laws that govern this type of marketing technique. Such principles include adhering to CTIA recommendations and complying with local laws to avoid trespass or being a nuisance to a customer with numerous random text messages.

Once you obtain the consent of your group of customers to be sending them text messages, you can go ahead and entice them with your new products and services. You can also state the improvements made and any other valuable information you need to pass them. You can also obtain consent through the use of keywords.

2. Use a Brand-Friendly, Unique Short Code

A shortcode is a brief 5-6 digital number for commercial services. For example, have SMS short codes for texting for a large-scale marketing strategy and marketing products. The codes used for marketing are shorter than average numbers for easy typing memorization and are specifically designed for marketing purposes.

Wireless carriers individually approve the codes; therefore, no blocked messages are experienced. Even better, the shortcodes are convenient for fast texting and suitable for time-sensitive offers that need to be communicated to a large group of customers.

3. Be Clever and Consistent in Texting

One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to be consistent in marketing to increase the reaction from your online crowd. Sending few messages or being inconsistent makes people view you as not serious or makes it easy for them to forget about you and heed the more consistent competitors. On the other hand, texting and marketing once in a while earn you an unpleasant welcome from your customers. Also, it is sometimes annoying, especially when they are looking forward to hearing about your current trends.

Constant texting also helps your business build a genuine and solid crowd, just like it takes to make a permanent social media crowd. Effort and persistence are essential in elevating your business to higher grounds.

4. Don’t Send Messages Too Often

Messages are personal communication channels that should be respected as much. As much as you are supposed to be consistent in marketing, being too often qualifies you to be a bother. The advisable rate of sending messages should be 2-6 text messages in a month. Someone may already be registered in numerous marketing groups and may be receiving SMS from other organizations. As a business, you should also choose your customers’ options to select the number of times they want to receive your marketing messages in a month.

The content of your messages as a business matters more than the number of times you send the messages. Therefore, please take advantage of the consented times you send the news and make them of high value for the positive feedback.

5. Make Sure You Are Responsive as a Business

A text message service is a platform open for communication and conversations between you and your potential customer. However, this depends on the program set for your SMS marketing strategy, which could either support single texting or two-way texting. The design means your customers are also allowed to send their replies, primarily inquiring additional information about your services or rating how you handle them.

As a business, set a flexible time for you and your marketing team to be sending messages and respond to inquiries. While doing this, ensure you do enough and not over-commit to avoid disappointments from some customers.

The Bottom Line

SMS marketing is a marketing strategy that allows the organization to interact with the customer and sell its products and services. Applying relevance is crucial in maintaining an online crowd and discarding those not interested in your products. Therefore, sticking to the guidelines of SMS marketing qualifies your business for success and growth.

5 Best Practices for SMS Marketing