5 Best PPC Practices to Boost eCommerce ROI
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5 Best PPC Practices to Boost eCommerce ROI

Brands that bravely venture into online sales know well that they are far from alone. The world of eCommerce is brimming with versatile brands, so customers in this day and age have a wide array of options to choose from to complement their lifestyle. Knowing that e-retail revenues are expected to reach $6.54 trillion in 2022, you need to make sure that your brand is on the eCommerce map so that you can benefit from this immense industry growth. 

In an attempt to grow your presence in this oversaturated business arena, you need to rely on a wide spectrum of marketing and sales strategies. PPC campaigns have been incredibly effective and can be used on a long-term basis to reach more people and help your eCommerce business remain competitive. To help you maximize the effect of your paid ads, use the following PPC best practices that will lead to an increase in your ROI, and help you gain a stronger foothold in your industry over time.

Improve your landing pages

If your ads are well-optimized with the right keywords and know how to fine-tune your ads to target the right audience, but with no optimal results – the chances are that the landing pages where your ads lead aren’t effective and action-inspiring. 

Make sure that your product descriptions are not merely packed with keywords and buzzwords but that they are actually reflecting your brand’s tone of voice and that they paint a vivid picture for your visitors. Add to that, use fast-loading, high-quality images to complement the descriptions. Finally, your landing pages need to be fully optimized, easy to navigate, and don’t forget to seal the deal with effective CTAs.

Keep an eye on your competition.

One of the most relevant bits of advice that will define your paid ads’ success is your usage of keywords to optimize them. High-performance keywords aren’t yours, so to speak, and if your competitors are having more success with their campaigns and consistently steal the ad spotlight in search engines, it’s time to look into the kinds of keywords they’re using.

Then again, make sure to analyze other aspects of their campaigns: perhaps their pricing attracts more customers rather than keyword selection. Do your best to learn from your competitors to build up the value of your ads and thus give you more opportunities to boost your ROI.

Customize your ad campaigns

Much like the rest of your SEO and advertising efforts, your ads need ongoing management, monitoring, analysis, and reporting to retain their relevance. The only way your campaigns can become more profitable and bring in more revenue is if you consistently manage your campaigns with great care and diligence. To achieve that, many eCommerce companies today collaborate with a reputable AdWords agency to automate the process, customize their campaigns to suit their target audience, and boost their ROI.

Precision in targeting paired with ongoing monitoring allows increased optimization so that your campaigns can reach the right people, on the right platforms, and at the right moment. This is the recipe to increase conversions and ultimately make your ads more profitable.

Master the art of social media paid ads.

Pay-per-click advertising is not limited to search engines, the likes of Google or Bing. In fact, as time goes by, more people are spending their time researching eCommerce brands and their offers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. That is why your brand needs to leverage social media ads in addition to your traditional Google ads. 

Plus, over time, social networks have created equally refined and feature-rich opportunities to customize your campaigns to your target demographic. After all, it’s in their interest to make their users happy and show them the kind of content they are interested in, which works in your favor, too. 

Use dynamic search ads. 

In the past few years, paid ads have become a staple of effective marketing for eCommerce businesses. Still, dynamic search ads, or DSAs for short, have also become a favorite of brands that know how to utilize these handy campaigns. First of all, make sure that your website can support DSAs since this is the key to success with your DSA campaigns. Your website page ad URLs will become a valuable source of keywords for search engines and users to recognize the relevance of each ad you post.

Ensure that you optimize based on your audiences, so take your time when refining these particular filters as you create DSAs. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase that you’re doing your best to optimize with people in mind, and search engines recognize and reward such a stance.

When you pair your PPC campaigns with other complementary marketing strategies, you can rest assured that your eCommerce brand stands a fair chance to succeed, despite the growing competitiveness of the eCommerce world. In the meantime, you can use these and similar PPC tactics to boost your revenue from every ad you publish, and of course, learn from every campaign so that your future ads become even more alluring and effective for your target audience. 

5 Best PPC Practices to Boost eCommerce ROI

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