5 Best Digital Marketing Tips For Startups In 2021

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The whole world of marketing has changed rapidly. However, many marketers also say that the way marketing has changed in the last two years was not witnessed in the past 50 years. And digital marketing is the reason behind it.

Most of the startups have already adopted digital marketing in recent days. And in this digital era, it is essential to consider digital marketing tactics to grow your business and increase sales. 

5 Best Digital Marketing Tips For Startups In 2021

Digital marketing is a huge thing to consider. It is essential in recent days to consider the right digital marketing tactics. With the right tactics, any business can improve its conversion rate and attract more sales than before. 

So, here are the 5 best digital marketing tips you should consider for your startups in 2021. 

1. Content Marketing

When we are talking about digital marketing, the whole discussion will be incomplete without content marketing. Content is the king in the world of digital marketing. It does not matter whether you are operating a B2B or B2C marketing; content marketing is a must here. 

When it comes to B2C organizations, 90% of them are extremely committed to content marketing. On the other hand, the amount is around 88% for B2B marketing strategies, which agrees that content marketing is critical. 

Content marketing also helps you with your SMO and SEO efforts. In addition, content marketing will help you in the following things.

  • Build authority and credibility.
  • Boost brand recognition and brand awareness.
  • Increase the visibility of your business or brand.
  • Develop lasting relationships with your customers. 
  • Create thought leadership. 

2. Email Marketing

Though the marketing world thought that email marketing is a dead or dying strategy, it is just the opposite in reality. Email marketing has the potential to offer handsome ROI or return on investment to marketers. 

A survey was conducted by the DMA or Data and Marketing Association along with Demand Metric. The survey states that email marketing has an ROI of around 122%. However, if we compare the ROI of other marketing channels, it is around 4 times higher. The channels are direct mail, social media, and paid search. 

The proper kind of email marketing campaign can be really effective and drive more sales to your business. But do not forget to add a professional email signature. As per a study, around 82% of businesses use it to increase brand awareness. 

3. Social Media Marketing

I do not think it is needed to say how important social media is for any recent years. Social media has become one of the most important parts of digital marketing. 90% of marketers have stated that the social media marketing world is essential for any business. 

And around 89% of all marketers have also experienced increased exposure to their business due to social media platforms. But it is essential to start with the correct social media platform for your business. 

There is no need to create an account on all social media platforms present in the market. Rather be very specific about your target audiences and use the social media platforms as per that. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered the sibling of influencer marketing. Here, it would be best to recruit affiliates for your business or brand to draw leads for you. Think of them as a salesperson, and you will decide the commission that they will get. 

It can be given on the entire sales that they drive or based on each product. But the question is, how will you track these sales? You will be able to track those sales with the affiliate links. 

These are the customized links that you will give to your affiliates. They will provide this very link with their social media circles, and the people will be able to visit your website and make a purchase through this link.  

5. Viral Marketing

For your startup, there is nothing more effective to create a strong buzz than going viral. This can bring overnight success to your business. So, it is necessary to create content that has the potential to go viral. 

How to do it? Think out of the box. Funny memes are ruining the market at present. So consider something purely hilarious and possibly weird. Then, use the advantages of social media to post it and share as much as possible. 

You also can consider some ongoing trends to create a piece of content. This can surely bring a major surge to your website. And for your startup, marketing should be used along with all the other digital marketing strategies. 

Final Words

When you are starting to consider digital marketing for your startup, you can start with the tactics that are mentioned above. These tactics will help you to drive more sales to your business.

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