5 Awesome Ways To Market Your Art Business In 2021

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In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to explain your art to anyone. People appreciative of art would see your thought process, embrace its beauty and invest. Unfortunately, in most cases, your work won’t speak for itself.

You have to do the heavy lifting and market your business to generate sales. With the right approach, you should be raking in profits within no time. We’ve shared five incredible ways to market your art business to ensure you start on the right foot. Let’s jump right in.

1.   Provide a Realistic Preview

Most people don’t walk into an art store and buy the first thing they see. Instead, they envision how the piece will look in their space, whether it complements their colors and other things. So giving your potential buyers a preview of how different pieces would look is a fantastic way to market and increase your sales.

With suitable software, your potential buyers can preview the art in any room they want, making the decision-making process easier.

Provide a Realistic Preview

2.   Take Advantage of Social Media

Instagram is the best place for art marketing. This platform helps you to build a personal brand and expand your connections. Since the platform is visual, you can share different pieces with your fans. With business accounts, you’re better positioned to connect with buyers worldwide — something you can’t achieve selling offline alone.

However, don’t make all your posts about finished projects alone. You need to connect with your audience and give them an insight into who you are. Consider sharing:

  • Motivational quotes
  • Art pieces in progress
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Live transmissions in studio
  • Upcoming shows
  • Before and after shots

3.   Use Stories to Engage Your Audience

Accompanying your art with engaging stories is also a sure way to increase your sales and expand your audience. People connect to stories and are more likely to invest in your art if they believe it holds meaning and it’s memorable.

Use Stories to Engage Your Audience

Your story doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s okay to share stories of how you came up with each piece, your thought process, or your inspiration. As long as you’ve attached meaning to each piece, someone will connect to the story.

4.   Expand Your Market

Most marketing gurus insist on identifying your target audience and sticking to it. However, while knowing your potential buyers is crucial, it doesn’t hurt to branch out to people outside your target market.

Attend art exhibitions, hang out with people who don’t necessarily love art, and do as many activities as possible that help you get your name out there. The more connections you have, the higher your likelihood of getting leads and referrals.

5.   Connect with a Blog

Connect with a Blog

Having a blog associated with your business gives you a chance to rank higher on search engines, increasing your traffic and sales. In addition, you can write about your artwork, share future projects, or anything that gives your audience a deeper understanding and appreciation of your work.

Use the five simple ways mentioned above to market your art in 2021.

5 Awesome Ways To Market Your Art Business In 2021

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