5 Advantages of a .com Domain to Build a Business Website Ranking Worldwide

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Did you know that the extension of your domain name affects the ranking of your website? 

If not, then this article is a must-read for you. In this article, ClickDo SEO experts will also discuss why most businesses chase after the .com extension and what impact the website extension has on SEO and online visibility. 

Three of the most popular domain extensions worldwide are .com, .org., and .net. 

People were not aware of their value initially. But, with updated knowledge of these domain extensions, more and more businesses are thinking seriously about their choices. One of the reasons behind the popularity of these three extensions is that they seem trustworthy to the users and have a familiarity attached to them. 

With these extensions, the users are assured that the website is legitimate and does not perform any fraudulent activities, as established commercial website owners mainly use .com. 

So, what are the benefits of a .com domain for your online business presence?

  • Easy To Remember

These are the oldest extensions available; they are in the minds of people because of that. This helps them remember the website name more easily, increasing the brand reach and visibility. When you take a new extension like, for example, “.tv,” there are higher chances that the user will not remember it. This is because “.tv” is not a popular extension. Due to the popularity and trustworthiness that these extensions have gained over time, potential customers are more likely to browse your website. 

If we talk about this from SEO, websites with easy-to-remember URLs are usually ranked higher (given that it has good quality content, adhering to search engine guidelines). This is the reason why you will always see one of these three extensions in the top 5 Google search results. There might be some exceptions for sure, but they are rare. And .com domains have been around basically since the beginning of the internet; hence some are extremely powerful. 

  • A Good Domain Choice is as Important as the Brand’s Name

A domain name consists of three different parts. The domain suffix or the last part of your website’s address is what you get to choose. The most common domain extension is .com. It is a fact that more than half of all the websites worldwide use .com as their domain suffixes. 

When a domain name is created, it is important to make it easy to spell. It will enable the customers as well as the clients to find the website whenever needed easily. Similarly, SEO needs the same for any website. The domain name must be relevant to get noticed by search engine algorithms. 

Some strict guidelines are required to be followed along with an effective domain suffix to make it visible on search engines: 

  • Readability: Domain name must be easy to read by all age groups and people of different geographical locations, e.g., avoid underscores or weird symbols, for example. 
  • Presence of broad keywords: When related and useful key phrases are used in the domain name, the reach of the website increases by leaps and bounds.
  • Omission of unimportant characters: Unnecessary hyphens also damage the SEO score of the website.
  • Brandable domain name: The domain name can be brandable and unique, but it will take longer to establish a new word as a brand name with authority on the web. 
  • Google Gives Preference to Websites With “.com” Extension.

Going back to the discussion about SEO and Google about the domain extension, it is visible how Google supports websites with a dot com extension. One of the reasons is that buying a dot com domain isn’t the most affordable option. When you search for your new domain name via a domain registrar or web host, it may not be available as a .com domain as someone else may have already registered a website in this name with the .com extension. Or, if it is available, it will be the more expensive option compared to other extensions like .co.uk, for example. 

Make sure you compare domain registration prices first before purchasing your business domain name. For example, SeekaHost currently offers new customers their first .com domain for only $5.99 for the whole year! Compared with other providers, you will see that this is a very competitive fee. In addition, if you register your domain through the new web hosting control panel SeekaPanel, you can get your website up and running within 5 minutes with the best WordPress website hosting; check this short video tutorial: 


  • Why is .com Trusted by Google?

This is easy because it is the oldest and the largest available extension in the web sphere. Although most businesses take a domain name according to their industry, .com remains the first choice. Anyone would go for a different choice only when they can’t buy the dot com extension for their chosen domain name. Also, the dot com extension shows the website’s authority, which is also one reason why Google ranks these websites higher in the search results. 

  • What Would Happen if you Bought a New Age Domain?

These days there are so many domain extensions available in the market, and you might be appealed to them because they are cheaper than the .com domain. Some of them are nearly free. But it is important to know that when you purchase domains with other suffixes, it may take you longer to rank this business website on search engines. You may, therefore, also want to investigate expired domains as often web admins drop .com sites, and you may be fortunate to purchase a .com domain name that matches with your business and already has gained authority on the web. SeekaHost offers a lot of guidance about expired domains and private blog network services, and you can register expired domains just as easily as new domains. 

Now you should be ready to set up the most popular business website on search engines with your new .com domain name, considering all the above-mentioned points. Good luck!

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5 Advantages of a .com Domain to Build a Business Website Ranking Worldwide

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