5 Actionable Tips to Get SEO Backlinks From High Ranking Sites

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5 Actionable Tips to Get SEO Backlinks From High Ranking Sites

While creating a website may have become easier, getting the right visibility on the search result is a tough task. Backlinks may be external links to your website, but they are used to optimize a site for SEO. They help index your site’s page and give it good visibility. Backlinks are important to SEO as they help search bots crawl and rank your site.

Google algorithm considers your site’s different sources and web pages to estimate the page’s importance. Backlinks help attract a primary audience, bringing traffic to your site. In short, high-quality backlinks from high domain authority or high-ranking sites help your site to rank better on SERPs.

Why do Backlinks Matter For SEO?

Search engines constantly update the constant has been the importance of building links. For Google, links are an important indicator. To optimize your website for SEO, you need to get high-quality backlinks.

Since link quality is more important than quantity regarding credibility with search engines, a link from a bigger website with millions of views is far more value-authority ink from a low-authority site.

5 Actionable Tips to Get SEO Backlinks From High Ranking Sites

Thus, focus on quality SEO backlinks to earn a higher rank with the below 5 Actionable tips.

Use the Skyscraper Technique

The technique involves finding the top-performing content, creating a better copy, and getting backlinks naturally after reaching out to the right people. You need to find linkable content or web pages with lots of links. You can find popular or shared content using the website auditor.

Revamp your content to get more valuable links. You don’t have it from scratch; update the older content for good visibility. It is important to create a long and detailed post for this strategy.

The ideal content length of the blog corresponds to the purpose.

    • ‘Hoideally, posts should ideally be 1000 to 1700 words.
    • ‘Listicles’ should be around 2000 to 2600 words.
    • ‘Pillar pages’ should be around 4000 words.

Long posts should be able to provide accurate facts and details to the readers. It is also important to work on outstanding page design for your post. The content should engage the audience and should be relevant & interesting to rank.

Guest Posting and Infographics

Guest posting contributes free content to other websites or blogs in exchange for a link to your website. The link can be cited or used as information in the post.

In this strategy, one website gets a free post to share with the audience, and another earns a high-quality link. High-quality guest posts are relevant to SEO strategy.

Use advanced search operators to narrow down the options you are looking for. Use content explorer tools to identify the content written by influencers.

Good infographics can make your post go viral and also help generate tons of backlinks.

    • The infographic’s design should be unique and visually appealing to make an impact.
    • It should contain interesting statics or facts about the relevant topic.
    • It should be well-promoted to make an impact.
    • Using the right keywords in your infographic to reach your target audience would be best.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a good way to earn links. This involves identifying the content originally referred to and then offering the site the chance to replace its broken link with a valid link.

Instead of creating brand-new content that meets your target, use existing content to earn a backlink.

Use the Ahrefs broken link checker and compile a list of good domain sites in your niche.

    • Use the site explorer tool to analyze the site’s links. Then from the option, enter any one website into the search bar.
    • Click on the pages option, then best by links > 404 not found.

Now, contact the site admins with this information, and you’ll possibly earn a high-quality link to your website.

Find Competitor’s Backlinks and Use Them

Conduct a backlink analysis to identify the top sites with keywords you want to rank for. Do a thorough Google search and pick the top ten domains. Use the domains in the Ahrefs link intersect tool.

    • Click on the Show link opportunities option to see the list of sites that link to different domains you entered.
    • Now, look for opportunities to contribute to these sites to replace broken links or guest posts.

You also can take an in-depth approach by analyzing all the backlinks to the specific URLs that rank for each target keyword.

Start by collecting URLs rather than domains for every keyword. Go through the links and figure out the acquired links. If the link is from the guest post, you can earn a link from that site.

Most websites also use the spying technique, in which competitors know about competitors’ links. By using this technique, you’ll be able to earn links.

Make an Offer to High DA Sites

The best way to get a backlink from a high-ranking site is to contact them with an offer to help their site.

Ask for a feature on a blog post that they can share. You’re more likely to get a response for this. An easy way to reach out is to contact them about the misinformation posted about your site. Once you make initial contact, thank them and mention linking sites.

If you plan to reach out to bloggers or experts on the subject matter, reaching out for a link in a 5-question interview is a great technique.

    • Let the expert or blogger know if they can answer any five questions or all 5 of them.
    • Use their answers in their content and also link to their blog.
    • Once your content is posted on the site, please send it to another blogger stating where you have linked them and ask them to share your content.

You’ll be able to establish a strong link-back connection with the blogger for a longer time.

To Sum up,

There is no sure-shot way to get backlinks from high-ranking sites, but you’ll get good results with the right techniques. Focus on great content, outreach campaigns, community building, and collaboration.

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