4 Web Design Tactics to Improve Online Customer Engagement
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4 Web Design Tactics to Improve Online Customer Engagement

In the ever-growing world of eCommerce, it’s not possible for a company to survive without a business website. Every company’s digital marketing strategy calls for it to have a vibrant online presence. From usability to visuals, each element plays an essential role in enhancing customer experience.

When combined, these elements have a huge impact on each brand’s ability to not only attract new clients but to also retain the current ones. The following is a look at how web design affects online customer engagement, and techniques you can apply to help improve engagement.

1. Use an Engaging Homepage to Convince Customers to Explore the Website

Apart from using a good VPS hosting solutions provider to eliminate downtime, you need to use the design to try and grab the attention of the user as fast as you can. Statistics indicate that you have about eight seconds to grab their attention and convince them to continue exploring your store.

If the first thing that visitors to your site get to see are undecipherable messages and an awful design, you can rest assured that they will not notice any value that the site may offer. To ensure that they will continue exploring, you can:

  • Ensure that the layout applied is uncluttered and clean. It should place the value of your brand first.
  • Carefully choose the colors that you use on the website

2. Help the Site Visitors to Locate the Items They’re Looking for

Even though the appearance of your website is crucial, there’re other more important things to consider. In addition to using an open-source ASP.NET for your website design, you will also need to look into its usability. This is vital as far as providing an awesome customer experience is concerned. You have to realize that customers place a lot of emphasis on the site’s usability, as it is what determines how long they will stick around.

3. Ensure Your Online Experience Can Be Accessed Everywhere

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Mobile traffic has been increasing at an exponential rate in the past few years, and this is a trend that will not slow down anytime soon. What this means is that apart from ensuring that you get to make your website content readable, you will also need to cater to the needs of mobile users.

The main idea here is to try and have a responsive design for the website. In the past, this topic was relatively quiet. But today’s visitors normally use it as a standard to measure the kind of experience they will have on a given website. From the rewards programs to the product pages, the website should easily adjust to the user’s screen, regardless of the device they are using.

Its overall load time is another factor you will need to explore. 

The length of time taken to load a page impacts its search engine rankings as well as its accessibility. No single person is willing to take more than five seconds waiting for a product page to load. Many will instead opt to leave your store and visit that of your competition.

To help with this, you can convert ASPX page to PDF, and also make other smaller changes such as:

  • Disable the autoplay function for all audio and video elements
  • Include more white space to assist in speeding up the load times
  • Optimize all product images to minimize wait times and maximize load speeds
  • Each of the aforementioned improvements is able to eliminate various annoyances associated with eCommerce stores, and will, thus, assist you to enhance the customer experience.

4. Build an Emotional Connection

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A website is as powerful as any other type of marketing collateral known to man. In addition to making it possible for clients to buy your products and services, the website is also able to provide your business with some form of credibility. Customers are more inclined to trust a web-based business that has a professional-looking page, compared to one that only boasts of a crappy web page.


The four tips discussed above should provide you with some insight on how to use web design to improve customer engagement. You have to realize that design involves much more than beautifying the website. It’s, therefore, upon you to ensure that the customer has a smooth journey when shopping with you. 

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4 Web Design Tactics to Improve Online Customer Engagement

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