4 Ways To Use Email Marketing Software To Turn Subscribers Into Legit B2B Sales Leads

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4 Ways To Use Email Marketing Software To Turn Subscribers Into Legit B2B Sales Leads

There are numerous ways to generate and acquire new leads. However, only a few areas are as effective as email marketing. The process is simple, and the reason why email works is simple – we all check our emails daily, and it would be hard to ignore an offer that is too good to be true.

Now, doing all of this manually requires time and effort. That is why we recommend using an email marketing software designed to turn subscribers into B2B sales leads. A software that can convert regular subscribers is not difficult to find – still, you need to focus on the right features and adopt a methodological approach for email marketing automation.

Below, we show you some of the best ways to use email marketing software to convert subscribers into legit leads.

#1 Start by optimizing your current emails

An easy way to start is by tweaking your existing emails. For instance, you can change (or add, if you don’t have) your welcome email so that there is action to subscribe, buy, or lead subscribers to your shop.

The other emails that you are sending as part of your targeting could be changed to include specific discount codes, seasonal campaigns (for instance, site-wide Women’s Day or Black Friday discounts), free trials, and more exclusive content.

Here, the goal is to lead people to more content and be more personal and detailed with your emails. If there is a message you are finding hard to communicate via words, you can include a video – trust us, it will make your email more visually engaging.

Don’t have an eCommerce shop in place? Consider platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and others to choose a plan that works for you. 

#2 Personalize your emails

Email personalization is another great way to make your subscribers feel special and inspire them to act on your website. You can instantly grab their attention by personalizing your emails to your email list.

Luckily, most email marketing programs nowadays allow you to include the recipient’s first name in the subject line and other placements. Therefore, when creating your signup forms, be sure to have a form field for your lead’s first name so that you can call them by their name throughout your email marketing. Although simple, this is an effective way to keep their attention directed towards your content.

Additionally, you might want to explore other options for personalization, such as sending hyper-targeted emails based on specific audience filters, behavior, or engagement with your business in the past. But, again, most of these actions can be pulled from your CRM data.

#3 Further list segmentation & targeting

We all know that relevant emails get more opens, clicks, and eventually, sales. With list segmentation and advanced targeting, you can make your emails more relevant to your readers. The idea is to organize your list into segments, which can help you structure your audience by filters like signup date, activity, interest groups, job title, or even more detailed demographics.

As we said above, you need to use your CRM to track your customer behavior and move your leads to different cycles in the buying process. Whether you are migrating from Shopify to WooCommerce or using another content management system (CMS), the goal is to have a detailed list of subscribers you can segment and target through email marketing software.

By segmenting, you can also personalize your emails and communicate that specific audience’s pain point – showing them away on how your products or services are solving it.

#4 Triggers, reminders, and follow-ups

Being consistent goes a long way in the email marketing game. Use your CRM data to automate your email marketing and send triggered emails based on your lead behavior. For instance, if a lead has visited the page where you sell a specific ebook or promote a particular case study, you could follow up with an email triggering them to read more or give them another related piece in an attachment.

You can also remind your leads to download or sign up (if they did not make that action on-site). Or, you can let them know that a product or service page they previously visited offers a discount or a free trial. Trigger emails work for rewarding customers, too – you can send deals to users that visited your website the most and thank them for being such great subscribers.

Email lead generation is a surefire way to drive new business and something that is guaranteed to improve your ROI. The only thing you need to know is your audience, have access to CRM where you can gather data, and work with the right email marketing software to get immediate results.

4 Ways To Use Email Marketing Software To Turn Subscribers Into Legit B2B Sales Leads