4 Ways To Market Your Bakery Online

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Artisan Bakeries are one of the biggest trends in food to hit for many years. With the lockdown restricting many businesses and individuals, it has been much more difficult for businesses to sell their products or services. Many organizations have been lucky enough to have a website and a marketing plan already. Still, the truth is, there are many local businesses out there that have not, and these are the businesses that are struggling the most. The bakery industry has had to adapt to new ways of selling their bakery products online; this article will go through some strategies to entice customers to buy the products through the bakery’s website.

We all know that the first thing is to create a website that shows off your delicious products; what makes a good website, you ask? Well, it’s the layout and the imagery of your products. Think of it this way, people visiting your site are people who have already been to your store or its prospective customers, trying to find a bakery in the area. It is your job to get those people coming to your store rather than competitors.

Simple Navigation 

Most potential customers are looking for a few key things on your site: the location and contact details. This is why it is best to have this information at the bottom of each page accessed throughout the site.

Other things that will make the site navigate easily have a unified menu that can access every page with ease and having a range of your products on the home page to order them online or visit the store in person.


Pictures for a bakery website are the most important strategy that a bakery can use to its advantage. This can be all that a customer needs to get them to order from your store, whether online or in-store. Pictures are much more enticing than just words, so it is vital to have a range of your product images throughout the site. 

You must provide images of your own baked products rather than getting stock images. There is nothing worse than going to a bakery that you saw online, and the products ordered look nothing like the stuff on the website. This will cause customers to feel misled, and they may even turn away from the store, or if they are ordering the products and look nothing like them, this could bring a bad review which is everything for local businesses.


Whilst photos are the most important strategy, the descriptions of your bakery products are also important. It is key when a customer may have a bad connection and images aren’t loading up properly; descriptions will act as your images and help you get found on the internet with relevant keywords.  

Google and other search engines can’t read images and humans, and it can’t tell whether your site is right for the end-user. But, using the relevant keywords, people will be enticed to order from you and google linking you to potential relevant customers.

An example of this would be someone looking for fresh bread on Google; if your site descriptions have a keyword related to “bread” or “fresh bread,” then your site will show up higher than someone who doesn’t have any descriptions on their site.

What Makes You Different?

The truth is, there are millions of bakeries out there selling similar products; it is up to you to make your bakery the one that everyone wants to go to. When clients visit the store online, it is key to show them what sets you apart from other competitors.

Do you provide any products that others don’t? Like the cruffin or a cronut, for example? Well, show the world how good they are! Are your recipes from a long line of family bakers? Tell them. This doesn’t have to be war and peace, but a conscious effort to show visitors why they should pick you.  

When writing content for the site, it is important to do search engine optimization (SEO). This will help Google understand what you are trying to achieve and target, which will better your rankings on Google. 

4 Ways To Market Your Bakery Online

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