4 Ways to Become Qualitative Travel Influencers for Hotel and Accommodation Industry
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4 Ways to Become Qualitative Travel Influencers for Hotel and Accommodation Industry

With the advent of social media platforms and digital advertising, people are hungrier than ever for reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

One industry, which has got a complimentary benefit with such social limelight is hotel and accommodation. Every hotel, resort, Airbnb is after showcasing their properties on the platforms. People are constantly glued to such reels, stories, and photos online.

Everyone wants some time off from the mundane routine. There is no end to traveling and exploring when it comes to millennials. And so is the other parallel universe of influencers. Travel influencing has played a pivotal role in spreading awareness among some unseen and unknown places.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”- Seth Godin.

Travel providers are increasingly partnering with influencers to boost their brands online. The global online travel market is estimated to reach USD 1,134.55 billion by 2023. Such statistics show a win-win situation for the parties, the hotel industry, and the influencers.

So if you are a budding travel influencer eyeing your dreams to influence like Chris Burkard, ShivyaNath, Jack Morris, strive on your social media presence. Here are some qualitative pointers that will help you build a reputable brand image of your own and attract the right set of hotel branding for your social media presence.

4 Ways to become a qualitative influencer in the travel influencing world

#1 Connect with a travel community

As a nano or micro-influencer, it is necessary to become a part of a vetted travel community. Such communities are around for a while in the online world; they help you network with your colleagues and are a knowledge-sharing platform. The community will make you familiar with the influencing game.

Sometimes hotels looking for influencers also look into the communities to search their branding face for influencer marketing campaigns. A reputed travel community will add a plus to your creative nest online; thus, it is essential to join an online group of like-minded people to survive in the digital arena.

#2 Analyze other influencer’s hotel collaboration

This does not mean approaching the same hotel brand for your online presence.

The analysis of other influencer collaborations will make you understand the actual work promoting one property. You will learn to adopt some good ideas from the other travel influencers and add your own identity to the creative post or reel online. What should you intricately look into while going through their profiles?

  • Which brands are they associated with?
  • How many times have they collaborated with the same or new brand?
  • Which feature is used the most throughout the online campaign?
  • What is the engagement ratio on a particular post or reel online?

This will help mend your handle as you have already studied the negative ones and made a mental note from other influencer campaigns.

#3 Find a perfect brand to build a solid online image

One should not jump onto every sailing ship. You will have to analyze whether the brand is suitable for your idea or not online. An influencer has a typical idea built for its followers, so think about their reactions before collaborating with a brand. Things like:

  • Will your followers be able to afford the property you are collaborating with?
  • Will they like the hotel or resort, or Airbnb you want to promote?
  • Will you be able to do justice to both the brand and the audience?

An influencer is nothing without his audience; these questions will give you and the collaborating brand a clear mirror of where exactly you are standing in the eyes of online users. It will help in improving your collaborating skills and knowing your followers on social media. When brands collaborate with influencers, they also have a set checklist; you also need to succeed in the online project. Influencer marketing campaigns are cluttered places; to shine in one, you need to collaborate with a renowned brand with an elaborative concept for online branding.

#4 Collaboration with other travel influencers

Collaborating with other travel influencers will make one notice to a varied audience. One might also get some loyal followers through such a tactic. People will start talking about you, which will create your influencer awareness online. You will get a fresh perspective about yourself and also inputs on the improvements online. Before collaborating with an influencer, run through the following points:

  • Are you like-minded?
  • How is his interaction with the followers?
  • What are his followers like?
  • What is his engagement ratio online?
  • Is he present on some other social media platform?

These points will help you in knowing the influencer better and will also avoid misunderstandings. This is also a way to analyze your competition, and such collaborations make you learn a lot from the other creative head. It also gives you much respect and recognition online.


Being an influencer in today’s digital era is a boon and becoming a travel influencer is a cherry on the cake. You will get to roam different places, hotels, and review their food, stay, services. Influencers are now coming close to celebrities and brand ambassadors, as every big brand approaches creative minds for online promotions.

There is no looking back once you have got yourself influenced on social media. Many online platforms bridge a gap between interested parties to collaborate. Being a budding travel influencer, you must search out for such hotels looking for influencers online. You might get lucky and bag a collaboration for the online world.

The digital world is transforming every second. Be a part of it and experience it for yourself. Innovate and create your niche with creative ideas to become a successful influencer. Brands are waiting for a creative mind like you. Hurry!  Showcase your uniqueness online.

4 Ways to Become Qualitative Travel Influencers for Hotel and Accommodation Industry

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