4 Tips for The Most Efficient Web Design
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4 Tips for The Most Efficient Web Design


The success of your business highly depends on your business’s website. Your website tells the potential viewers about the credibility of your business. It’s like a digital store for your business. Once a viewer opens your website, you have a few seconds to make them stay on it before they switch to another. The website design is the biggest factor in turning a lead into a customer.

A website tells users about your style, products or services, business goal, etc. A good website is what will give you an advantage over your competitors. Your website must be easy to use, attractive, and straightforward to decrease bounce rates. Here are four tips for an efficient web design.

4 Tips for The Most Efficient Web Design

  • Site Purpose

This might seem like a given thing, but people often ignore this element in the web development process. Building an effective website doesn’t mean using over-complicated graphics, a lot of pop-ups here and there, a difficult-to-use layout, etc.

First, you need to get this straight, what is it you want to provide your customers with your website? Of course, your website represents your business, so what is the purpose of your business? Can a user easily find product details, like pricing and features, without hassle?

It’s best if you take the help of a professional company in your area for this matter. For example, say you live in Denver, Colorado, Thrive Engine will provide you with all types of web-related services, from consulting to web development to site maintenance. Please talk with a professional about what your business needs according to its nature and customers’ expectations and demand. Only then can your website be efficient.

Ask yourself what you want your users to see on the site. How do you want them to interact with the site? Maybe your customers don’t need over-the-top graphics, so why waste time, effort, and money? Answer these questions and then build your website per these statements.

  • Site Speed

An efficient website is a quick one. Your website needs to load quickly. When a user visits a website that is taking more time to load, they don’t wait for it to load. Instead, consumers leave such a website in a matter of seconds and go to another.

There is no shortage of websites and online stores nowadays. A slow website will make you lose customers and increase your website’s bounce rate. For a lead to convert into a customer, they must stay on your website for a long time. That cannot happen with a slow website.

So not only is it necessary, but the website’s speed is also beneficial for your business as it indirectly helps drive sales. Make the speed of the website your top priority. Increase your conversion rates and revenue by optimizing picture and video quality, optimizing tags and titles, checking for any broken links, etc. all these measures help increase the speed.

  • Visual Hierarchy

The way the content is displayed plays a huge role in site effectiveness. When a viewer visits your website, its design and layout must be so that it steers the viewer toward essential things and information.

The most important design principle is the hierarchy that helps display things. If you do it right, you can direct customers’ attention to certain elements of a page in order of priority, starting with the most significant things first. The two major components of hierarchy are:

    • Weight and Size: Highlight your greatest asset by making them visually visible, like the name of your business and the business logo. For example, make them large or use appealing colors.
    • Element Placement: Using the right website layout is the key, as it will guide the viewer to a certain thing without them noticing. For example, placing a call-to-action button in the middle of every page and the business logo in the header lays out a map for customers to follow.

You do need to accentuate things even more. You must add contrast, color, and spacing to enhance things further. Thus, be mindful and intentional about the things that attract the most attention on your site.

  • Testimonial Design

You must add customer reviews to your website. When people see others recommending a product, giving it a rating, and describing their overall experience with the product and your business, it immediately builds their trust. Viewers who see positively impactful testimonials are 58% more likely to buy.

But the important thing is to have an excellent design for adding testimonials. You can do that in several ways, like video testimonials, images, text-based, etc. But their placement and design can make them more impactful or useless.

The best way is to add video testimonials, including a person talking about their experience. You can add a video testimonial at separate places with the relevant products. Add a title and brief description of the video too. Finally, add the person’s face in the video’s thumbnail so people know the video is not text-based. With these things in action, when a customer visits your website, they will have a video testimony along with each product on your site, where they can even read a summary of the testimony.

If you don’t add video testimonials, you can add case studies and allow a filter option on your site so that customers can directly filter the case studies according to what they are looking for. For example, add pictures of your real staff members on case studies instead of stock images or logos.

It builds trust. If you only have text-based testimonials, how you display those is important. Make sure you add the person’s name, picture, etc. with the text, i.e., try to provide enough information to ensure that people know these are real testimonials by real people.


An efficient web design is the key to a successful business. This is the guide for you if you are looking for ways to make your web design efficient. Employ these four tips and see how your web design improves drastically.

4 Tips for The Most Efficient Web Design

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