4 Simple Tips for Improving Your Local SEO Presence in 2021

4 Simple Tips for Improving Your Local SEO Presence in 2021

Looking to improve your Local SEO efforts in 2021 but not sure where to start? You’re not alone; a 2019 study found that more than 62% of small to medium business owners were aware of the positive impact associated with search engine optimization but were yet to invest in SEO for their business.

Local search engine optimization is the most effective way for small to medium businesses to dramatically improve their online presence and establish themselves as local leaders. Whether you are a small, brick-and-mortar business or a service-based business looking to capitalize on your mobility, the importance of a Local SEO strategy cannot be overstated.

Businesses that are not optimized for local SEO could be missing more than 71% of prospective customers.

Our simple guide will summarize the key benefits of investing in local SEO services and why you must consider local SEO in 2021.

  1. Local SEO Means Local Intent

When it comes to implementing an effective SEO campaign, keyword intent is paramount. According to Safari SEO Brisbane, when choosing the right keywords to target your local SEO campaign, the intent is the most important to consider.

Local SEO keywords are commonly associated with ‘high-intent key phrases. When it comes to search engine optimization, ‘high-intent transactional style keywords are considered the holy grail of keywords. High-intent keywords are associated with lower search volume and high conversion rates. While many traditional SEO strategies are geared towards ranking competitive keywords for growing organic traffic, local SEO keywords generate inquiries, leads, and sales.

  1. Your Google My Business Matters

Google My Business is the most powerful crowd-sourced review platform in 2021 – bar none. Local businesses that have not claimed their Google My Business profile miss out on enormous local search potential.

If anything, the events of 2020 highlighted the need for Google My Business. When business hours were subject to constant change, Google My Business provided companies with an opportunity to seamlessly update hours and keep would-be customers in the loop around trading hour changes.

Google my business allows business owners to provide relevant, timely updates to customers. In addition to improved communication, GMB also positively affects trust and building legitimacy with prospective customers. With more than 90% of users under the age of 50 admitting to checking Google reviews before visiting a new store, it pays to keep your GMB profile active.

  1. Local Content for Local Audiences

Local SEO means local content that is geared towards the specific requirements of your local target audience. Providing free, valuable resources for your clients is a sure-fire way to build trust and establish your business as a local leader.

Local SEO content may be in informational blog posts, local guides, infographics, or videos. Businesses that provide relevant, local content are far more likely to win trust with prospective customers.

  1. Utilize Location Pages

Local pages are designed to attract local customers and are an essential tool for businesses that serve various locations. For example, for a plumber, roofer, or electrician, this may mean creating a separate location page for each of the municipalities or suburbs that they service. In doing this, businesses can rank for a wide variety of high-converting, low-competition keywords.

Instead of lumping all of your services and service locations onto a single page, we recommend mapping out the areas that you service and the services you offer in that area. If the “Service + Location” keyword string records a worthwhile search volume in a third-party keyword planning tool, it may be worth creating a page that resonates with that keyword string.

Creating local SEO landing pages may seem like a daunting task for small business owners. However, if you are looking for an impactful way to generate lasting leads, they are an essential consideration.


Local SEO is one of the fastest-growing segments of digital marketing. With thousands of small businesses vying for relevant local traffic, local SEO is an effective way to build trust and capture a highly motivated local audience at the buyer journey’s transactional stage.

That being said, Local SEO is still in the early stages. However, businesses that take action in 2021 have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over their local rivals and take advantage of lucrative local search terms.

4 Simple Tips for Improving Your Local SEO Presence in 2021

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