4 Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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The most valuable life resource seems elusive and unplanned. Perhaps you don’t know how to organize it correctly, getting lost in the recommendations and many time management experts’ options. But in this way, you are waited by invisible traps, which can prevent the ideal time planning. After dealing with them, you will enjoy your life, intelligently allocate resources and move deliberately towards your dreams. So what are these mistakes?

1. You forget about your plans.

How often do you plan your year, especially during the New Year holidays? Write your plans in full confidence that you finally have time under control, but in the loop of business and home, you quickly forget about it? Daily worries and accumulated fatigue, and you realize you have done nothing or did not do all you wanted. Your plan must always be at your fingertips and in front of your eyes. It is essential to check it as a compass to arrive precisely at the point on the map. It would be best if you had a handy tool for that. Do not use what everyone advertises if it does not suit you personally. Do not buy diaries if you cannot always carry them with you. Do not sign everything in the program on your computer, where you look only occasionally. Find the planning tool that’s still with you.

2. You’re only planning for the day ahead.

You think it’s enough to have a plan for tomorrow, and you don’t have to. Are there goals in your life that you dream about achieving? If so, how are you going to make a route without a map? The plan is something that will not let you get lost among the millions of islands in this world, will not allow you to turn off the route and wander around on detours to achieve your dreams. It is unnecessary to plan for five or ten years ahead, but you must have a plan for at least one year, by blocks, and next month. Then you will understand your next steps, get rid of the fear of the unknown, and start moving in the right direction. And to remember to check your route, remember about point number one.

3. You don’t know your abilities.

You believe that you can become a time management lord, and you have the power to do a million things in a day. It works on excitement and inspiration on the first weeks’ drive to implement your plan. But sooner or later, reality will hit your self-esteem, things will accumulate, stress will increase, you will begin to devalue everything you do because you will focus only on what you have not had time to do. And sooner or later, you’re going to give up your endeavors. Stop at the beginning of the journey, experiment with the volume of cases you have in a day. Focus on quality, listen to yourself, and not drive your life in a series of planned tasks. You should enjoy the process, have fun and satisfaction at the end of each day. The plan should not interfere with your life; it is the compass of your life, not a prison with a strict regime.

4. Very Strict time planning.

When you are full of energy, you fill every minute of your free time. You start to feel sorry for idling on the sofa, walking the streets without listening to useful podcasts, meeting with friends instead of studying, enjoying the taste of food, and not reading valuable articles. Right, all this might speed up the process of achieving your goal, but at what cost. You have to reconsider your habits and give some time to your dreams. Every day you have to free your head from a series of thoughts; if it is hard to provide such “idleness,” work on it. Make it your best habit – give your body a rest, not accumulate fatigue. Do not count minutes of your day, do not plan things to the capacity, have some time in reserve for emergencies, and set rest time as a priority; never sacrifice your sleep. Then you will move to your goals more efficiently, every day waking up full of energy and ready to conquer the world.

Learn from the process, try it, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Each person is unique, and only you know how it will be best for you; check your plans and adjust them based on your values, and time will be on your side as soon as you agree with him. Good luck on your life journey!

4 Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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