4 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2021

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Email marketing is a digital marketing practice that involves communicating with leads and customers by email. Email can also be an integral part of your marketing plan for lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, and engaging customers between purchases.

Newsletters, promotional campaigns, and event messages are among the most common email-based marketing messages. 

Email marketing is the most profitable direct marketing channel, generating an average return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent. In addition, the average newsletter open rate is 21.33% which is 20x higher than Facebook post engagement. Email marketing is a cost-effective channel for marketers, but have you ever wondered how it can provide such significant ROI.

It is because emails are an owned channel. Thus, you can directly market to your audience without being constrained by any social media algorithm. Besides this, email marketing can also deliver highly personalized content. You can send hyper-targeted messages using email marketing tools, making it a lucrative marketing channel. Therefore, the more data you have about your customers, the better your email marketing campaign will be.

Apart from email marketing, creating side projects for your audience is also a great way to market your product. In this way, you can build small projects around what your potential customers might find helpful and sell your startup subtly through it.

To ensure that you get the most value from email marketing, follow a few tips. This section will explore the four best practices for email marketing in 2021. 

Personalize your emails

The purpose of personalizing an email is to add a human touch to it. You would not achieve high conversion and engagement rates by blasting emails to thousands of subscribers. Even including the recipient’s first name in the email has increased their engagement by a great deal.

Optimize your subject lines and preview text

The subject line will make the first impression on your audience, and this alone will determine how they will perceive your email. For example, an email’s subject line can decide whether or not it will be opened or not.

Although it is essential to perfect the content of the email, the subject line and the preview text are just as important. Fewer words in subject lines are known to perform better. A subject line with an emoji has also been proven to increase newsletter engagement.

Send your newsletter at the right time.

A newsletter’s engagement depends on the type of audience and their time zone. While there is no perfect time to send out a newsletter, I can offer you valuable insights. Usually, weekdays are better for engagement. Ideally, your newsletter should be sent in the morning or the evening after people have finished their work since most people have spare time.

Clean your list regularly.

Although some people may unsubscribe themselves if they don’t want to open your emails, most will ignore them forever. It can hurt your delivery rates and indicate to ISPs that you may be sending spam or unwanted emails. 

If you want to resolve this issue, you should remove recipients who haven’t opened your emails in the past couple of months. You recommend doing this once every quarter to remove unengaged subscribers.

4 Best Practices for Email Marketing in 2021

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