4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples

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First impressions count for everything in the world of modern business. So, if you want to secure high conversion rates, your web design and creating powerful landing pages are essential. Otherwise, you could lose visitors before you’ve even had a chance to win them over.

The average conversion rate of website landing pages is 2.35%, but the best-performing sites gain conversion rates comfortably above the 10% threshold. That statistic alone should give you more than enough incentive to start paying greater attention to this crucial element.

4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples

Perhaps the best way to learn how to use landing pages most efficiently is to take inspiration from other sites that continue to perform well. Here are four excellent examples that teach very real lessons.

Blue Apron

4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples - Blue Apron

Landing Page: https://www.blueapron.com/

Lesson: Know your audience

Many businesses fall victim to their desire to reach the biggest possible audience. In reality, it’s better to swim in a small pond than sink in a river. Without a sense of direction and purpose, it’s unlikely that your landing pages will have the desired effect.

Blue Apron could aim to reach everyone, given that all audiences need to eat. But instead, there is a clear focus on people who want to cook tasty and nutritious foods but don’t have much time. Everything from the imagery to the text is focused on convenience, even the quick navigation of choosing meal types. And this is why the landing page succeeds.

Whatever you’re selling, the landing page must be designed with your audience in mind. When you know the demographic, every aspect, from the images and text to the overall page layout, becomes far easier to master. But, again, this can be supported by analysis and testing for greater optimization.

Beats By Dre4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples - Beats by Dre

Landing Page: https://www.beatsbydre.com/

Lesson: Simplicity is king

Since you want to tell your audience about the products, it can be tempting to include information streams. In truth, this can overawe them. As is shown on the Beats By Dre landing pages, feeding a little information is often the best approach.

Taking this method lets users gain a little insight from the landing page. Then, if they are still interested, they will click the appropriate link to navigate to a product page or another part of the site to learn more about what’s available. Whether it’s a product or a service, putting them in a position where they actively want more is advantageous. Above all else, it gains interaction and participation.

Keep landing pages simple because most users will read the headlines and CTAs, while only a small percentage will read the details. You wouldn’t bombard users with information overload on a TV advert, so why would you ever do the same online?

Dollar Shave Club

4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples - Dollar Shave Club

Landing Page: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/

Lesson: Have a clear message

Landing pages make a great first impression and positively promote the brand. However, it would be best to forget that the main goal is to turn visitors into customers. Therefore, you must guide them to the desired outcome.

The best way to do this is through an effective call-to-action, a CTA. While many landing pages make the mistake of trying to cram lots of CTAs in, the Dollar Shave Club focuses on the same ‘Get Started’ suggestion on multiple occasions. This gives the site a much better chance of securing a click-through to the next page (which is for their starter kit), meaning that there I a very clear goal in mind.

Trying to sell lots of different products and ideas can be confusing. Besides, the best-performing sites have multiple landing pages, so you’ll have plenty of time for the other CTAs elsewhere. Apart from anything else, it makes it far easier to analyze the success of a landing page.


4 Awesome eCommerce Landing Page Examples - GoPro

Landing Page: https://shop.gopro.com/cameras/hero7-black/CHDHX-701-master.html

Lesson: A picture paints a thousand words

The above cliché outdates the internet by many decades, but the fact that the World Wide Web is a visual platform means it still rings true. Images, videos, and infographics are much easier to consume – especially for non-native speakers – and GoPro uses those items very well.

GoPro’s above landing page includes a video showing users what their products are capable of. It builds excitement, engages the clients, and answers many of the questions they may have had before being asked (such as whether it can be used underwater). In addition, videos tend to generate a far stronger emotional reaction, which increases conversions by 86% and is more likely to bring impulse buys too.

Of course, this works exceptionally well for the GoPro brand due to the products sold. Still, even if your business doesn’t sell cameras, videos and other visual media can provide winning insight and encourage users to buy your items or discover more.


When used well, landing pages are your ticket to increased conversions. You don’t need to overcomplicate any page because you can use different landing pages for various products, services, locations, and audiences.

Instead, focus on the ideas above while paying extra attention to analytical tools for ongoing improvements, and your sales will soar in no time.

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