3PL helps eCommerce get fulfillment right
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3PL helps eCommerce get fulfillment right

Order fulfillment carries more weight than any other service offered by e-commerce businesses. To get it right, third-party logistics or 3PL companies assist in a better way.

You are running an e-commerce business where your main expectation is to make your customers happy. Therefore, it is only possible to keep the quality of order fulfillment up to the mark. It has been a challenge for many e-commerce companies, thus requires perfection to deliver the orders at the right time.

However, you cannot always meet the perfect if you have a small to medium-sized team. Even you have a large organization; you tend to get more orders. Here the 3PL or third-party logistics companies come for help.

To overcome order fulfillment challenges, you would probably tie-up with a 3PL company. They will ensure that the order fulfillment is done right at affordable prices.

Let us dig into the benefits of third-party logistics for e-commerce order fulfillment.

Business structure

You can end up complicating your business structure if you think of an in-house order fulfillment service. For example, you will have to pay higher rent for the space you need to stock orders, pay for the extra human resources you need to take care of the orders, etc. Further, you also need to pick, pack, and ship the orders yourself, which can be hectic when the order numbers expand.

Here, the 3PL companies come for help to take care of the services. Don’t worry about the costs to stock the orders as everything will be outsourced. Further, it leads to a reduction in expenses.

Business growth

It doesn’t finish in a few minutes when it comes to ordering fulfillment. It takes time to pick the orders, pack them efficiently, and ship them well. So, it is a time-consuming process that can hamper your business growth if you take responsibility.

With more orders coming your way, you can experience wasted time, which leads to inefficient order fulfillment.

Don’t struggle with the process, as 3PL companies can handle the same properly. You can focus on your business growth by giving them the responsibility.

– Don’t indulge in long term leasing

If you take the responsibility to fulfill orders in-house, you will need to indulge in long-term lease agreements. Further, with expansion, you will require to lease more space with higher rents. This way, your business will be affected; thus, you can see a downfall and ROI reduction.

You don’t want this to happen with your business. Start outsourcing your order fulfillment to 3PL companies. You will have to pay a small fee to the 3PL companies for warehousing your products. Reap the low-cost benefits of outsourcing and never indulge in leasing agreements.

Reduce shipping time and cost

If you have higher shipping costs, you would probably reduce your margins. For customers at a distant location, you will experience this on every order fulfilled.

Meanwhile, 3PL companies have warehousing facilities across the globe. So, shaking hands with them will give you the benefits of reducing shipping costs, thereby saving time. In addition, as the goods are stored closer to the customers, the shipping costs are less, which helps both parties (customer and eCommerce business) enjoy free shipping.


At any point in time, if you think you need assistance from a third-party logistics company, do connect with them and reap the many benefits. As a result, your order fulfillment process will be streamlined, with more happy customers coming your way.

3PL helps eCommerce get fulfillment right

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