3D Product Configurators Are Revolutionizing eCommerce

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3D Product Configurators Are Revolutionizing eCommerce

In today’s commercial world, it takes more than 3D visuals to stay ahead of the marketing competition curve – it takes 3D product configuration. This tool completely transforms how we do online business and how our customers navigate their journey. It is revolutionizing.

This revolutionary tool has been underway for over a decade, but the pandemic put this shift toward 3D product configurator into hyperdrive. For the first time in history, customers were ordered to do virtual shopping while staying home. This meant no more in-person shopping spaced—no more window shopping. No more chances to walk around the mall to consider purchasing.

Brands and major stores saw this forced change in behavior worldwide and responded by raising their quality bar in the world of eCommerce. They started designing and deploying 3D product configurator experiences that allow customers to design their products while sitting at home.

This step allows shoppers to peruse the brand’s entire inventory in real-time, right from home comfort. As a result, they can enjoy a self-guided journey while taking out the guesswork. With the rising popularity of this interactive shopping experience, shopper expectations have also risen.

Now, let’s look at some facts and information proving that consumers worldwide are enjoying the benefits of 3D product configurators and how brands and major stores are leading the change towards the future of eCommerce.

2D images, the old school way

A few years ago, customers were satisfied with a few 2D images of a product while shopping online. But, the numbers changed in 2019. Today, brands utilizing a 3D product configurator see 66% higher conversions than those with mere 2D images. So, this 3d product configuration trend is here to stay and the next big thing.

It means that brands marketing their products should partner with a reliable and scalable 3D product configurator platform that can handle their inventory and customer experience, both today and in the future.

Furthermore, customers are doing most of their shopping through their smartphones and prefer 3D visuals that are easy to use. Customers on mobile devices ranked 3D imagery and 360-degree spin features #1 among other eCommerce visual presentations. And that speaks a lot about the importance of 3d product configurators. 

3D visuals increase the purchase rate by 11x

3D visuals aren’t just a flashy marketing tool to attract customers. They work, and there’s evidence to prove it. Houzz.com offers millions of home décor products online – they also provide amazing 3D images and modern augmented reality experiences to their customers. But, how does it impact their business? Co-founder and president Alon Cohen mentioned that this marketing solution contributes an 11x increase in the likelihood of purchasing.

3D visuals interact better than videos

While video remains a useful tool for 3D visuals, customers today prefer interactivity first. A recent survey found that 95% of customers prefer interactive 3D experiences over video playback. When customers have the power to design their product as per their vision and inspect it from every conceivable angle, they have more confidence in purchasing. In addition, having an interactive 3D product configurator installed on your website results in much higher conversion rates than video, proving that good interactivity leads to better sales.

3D photography reduces returns and improves loyalty

When customers get control and a 360-degree view of their products, they get a clear idea of what will appear on their doorstep. But unfortunately, this experience ultimately decreases the returns, costing incalculable amounts of money to the brands and negatively affecting the customer. To prove this point, Home Depot reported a 35% decrease in returns after using 3D photography to enhance its online shopping experience

3D product visuals save your time and money

The days of planning shoots, coordinating crews, procuring products, and putting hours into photographing every catalog product are gone. Or at least, they are fading away. Instead, the 3D product configuration is all virtual, meaning that brands can now save all the time and money they have plagued for decades.

The takeaway 

There’s no doubt that 3D product configuration is here to stay. Brands that incorporate this revolutionary tool earlier into their digital marketing toolkit will thrive. But, a new question arises, what platform is right for your brand? If you’re willing to put high-quality visuals to work for your brand with a partner reliable company to grow with you, the team at Simplio3D is the perfect candidate for you.

Are you interested in putting your brand in the lead with a scalable 3D product configurator? Get in touch with Simplio3D today for a consultation or demo.

Author bio: Anna Wattson is a content strategist and marketer working online with various brands and firms. She is devoted to helping small businesses succeed online by providing in-depth and actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow her on @annawattson24.

3D Product Configurators Are Revolutionizing eCommerce