3 Ways to Achieve Financial Stability

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3 Ways to Achieve Financial Stability

3 Ways to Get The Financial Health You Want (Without a Boring Day Job)

Past generations have always followed a similar curve where they went to school or straight into the workforce, started a family, and retired at a ripe old age. For most of their lives, they worked in boring day jobs that usually involved cubicles and reports.

Our generation has been freed from these shackles. We live in an age where you don’t have to settle for a boring day job. You can be who you want to be and work in all kinds of different fields, or from home. The opportunities are endless. Join us to look at three ways to achieve financial health without taking that day job offer.

Financial health is a combination of income and proper personal wealth management. It’s about more than just making as much money as possible. Here are three ways to have your financial health, without a dull day job.

1. Get a Hold of Your Finances

Personal finance is something everyone needs to know and understand, regardless of how much money they make. Managing wealth will go a long way towards making you financially healthy.

This involves setting budgets for yourself, repairing your credit if need be, and saving for retirement. If your credit has fallen because of missteps in your financial journey, be sure to check out www.debtsteps.com credit repair reviews so you can get back on track.

Beyond all of this, you should also create an emergency fund. Start by putting aside $50 from every paycheck until you have $1K saved up, and then set aside amounts each month. Having this type of fund will ensure you’re prepared if emergencies happen.

It’s also important that you start saving for retirement early on. When you do the math, it becomes apparent that the more you wait, the more you’ll have to save to reach your goals. If you work for a company, be sure to take advantage of any company-matched retirement plans.

2. Take up Freelance Work

Before I became a full-time writer, I was a freelancer. Unfortunately, people fail to recognize that you can write blog posts without being a “writer.” All you need to do is find opportunities and jobs that match your interests.

You may write for a living, but you could easily put words on paper if you were asked to write about something you’re an expert in. You can browse platforms like Upwork to see what jobs are available and start building a reputation for yourself.

Beyond freelance work, you can also find opportunities by guest posting on established websites. Some of them do indeed compensate you well for your work. If you don’t want to write, you can also find opportunities for graphic design and positions as virtual assistants.

3. Start Your Own Online eCommerce Business

Starting an online eCommerce site is easier than it’s ever been in today’s world. You can purchase hosting and set up shop in a single day if you have a few hours to spare. Furthermore, things like social media advertising don’t cost anywhere near as much as you think.

Many people have found success with online businesses, and you could too. This kind of business affords a lifestyle where you can work from home, establish a recurring income, and enjoy life while still financially healthy and stable.

Follow this process if you’re interested in setting up your eCommerce site:

  • Start with a name, and register it as an LLC
  • Secure a domain and hosting
  • Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Make sure you get the necessary licenses and permits
  • Gather inventory
  • Start marketing efforts

Final Thoughts

The key to financial health and stability lies within your ability to pursue a career that bucks the trends of previous generations and be smart with your finances. So how have you managed to find the financial stability you want without resorting to a day job? Let us know in the comments!

Harrison Vickers is a finance guru with over a decade of experience. Now he uses it to help others find the financial stability they deserve.

3 Ways to Achieve Financial Stability (Without Working a 9-to-5)

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