3 Ways AI will make Knowledge Workers more Productive

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Advanced research in AI capabilities allows it to understand concepts, recognize patterns, and decipher meaning to establish a more nuanced relationship between machines and knowledge workers. AI collects information, separates business-critical data, explores industry-specific uses, and finetunes it accordingly. Today, AI has reached a stage where it is more adept at understanding what we want. Its capability to mimic human intelligence is redesigning knowledge-work processes and jobs. According to a survey, 60% think that their current jobs are becoming outdated. And 70% believe that they need training and reskilling to learn how to collaborate with AI. Businesses must reimagine their web apps and upgrade their ERP systems. Here are a few points that explain why companies should leverage knowledge work through AI:

1) Let humans instruct AI

AI technology has become pervasive across industries, especially the healthcare sector, where doctors readily use AI systems to run tests on patients. For example, oncologists use AI models to find whether a patient has cancer or not. Google Brain stands out as a perfect example. It allows doctors to see what factors it considers while determining cancerous cells’ presence — such as the patient’s age or when was the last time they had chemotherapy. It also enables doctors to add or delete new factors to test their hypotheses. Besides, it does not function solely on pre-programmed concepts and allows medical experts to feed the concepts they are interested in.

2) Human-AI collaboration

Cybersecurity threats are increasing day by day. Expert analysts and security personnel are adept at finding the root cause and the purpose behind the attack. But with the proliferation of IoT devices, it has become practically impossible for humans to monitor millions of data points. AI, equipped with lightning-fast monitoring speed and decision-making ability, can easily track, analyze, supervise, and authenticate multiple data points. But it lacks the judgemental capacity and common sense of its human counterparts. Thus, cybersecurity defenses will see new dawn when humans and AI collaborate. 

3) AI makes humans better

AI can quickly learn skills by observing knowledge workers. It enables employees at the starting point of their careers to become experts in their fields in less time. This skill has ample use in customer relationship management. It monitors the conversations between agents and customers and learns from them. Then, it trains novices by teaching them expert communication strategies and guiding them while talking to customers. It finds excellent use in back-office functions such as providing effective support to customers. The AI application continuously measures the agent’s skills and creates a performance curve. As the agent gets better with time, it assigns difficult tasks to them. It also helps retrain underperforming agents and, in some cases, improve sour customers’ experiences. 

Experts, engineers, specialists, and pioneers are working hard to design AI applications that are easily trainable, have suitable methods to separate knowledge from raw data, and augment their human counterparts’ capabilities. Today, machine learning applications are helping ordinary workers to do their work efficiently. In the same way, AI applications will help knowledge workers attain unprecedented performance levels in the future.


Nishant likes to read and write on technologies that form the bedrock of modern-day and age like machine learning, data science, AI, and robotics. His expertise in content marketing has helped grow countless business opportunities. Nishant works for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of CRM and ERP Applications to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

3 Ways AI will make Knowledge Workers more Productive

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