3 Things To Know About SEO For Your Local Business

3 Things To Know About SEO For Your Local Business

SEO is an important marketing channel for every business, yet it has many amazing benefits if your business targets local customers specifically. The strategy needed for local SEO is slightly different, yet taking the time to learn about it as a separate entity is important, whether it’s SEO content or blog optimizations. So, let’s get into it and introduce a few of the key components of local SEO!

3 Things To Know About SEO For Your Local Business

Prioritize Your Google Business Profile

The first thing you should do when focusing on your local SEO is to prioritize your Google Business profile. A Google Business profile allows your business to be discovered by customers on Search, Google Maps, and the Map Pack. You can log in to edit your profile, update your business information and opening times, and include specific keywords to help your business appear to people looking for what you offer. 

Firstly, your Google Business profile should appear on Google when someone searches for your business, instantly providing important information that will save the user the trouble of having to go through the website. When someone searches for a keyword relevant to your business along with a location, like “Parking in Central London,” again, your website should appear as a result when you optimize your MAP pack well. A well-optimized Google My Business profile will also help you to appear on Google Maps, so if someone specifically searches for “Parking in Central London” on Google Maps, you have a better chance of appearing. 

Don’t Be Put Off By Low Search Volumes

Another thing to know when implementing a local SEO strategy is to ensure low search volumes don’t hinder you. By search volume, we mean how many people, on average, search for particular keywords you’re targeting. So, more generic keywords like “car park UK” might have hundreds of thousands of people searching for it each month, whereas a much more niche keyword like “Grosvenor Square Car Park London” might get only 100 or 200 searches a month. 

The difference with local businesses is that you need to focus on local keywords, as there is no use targeting something like “car park UK” when you only have car parks in central London, so even if you do rank (which is much more difficult), it is very unlikely you will find any customers from it. However, if you focus on local keywords, the people searching for them are very likely to find what they’re looking for, so even if you have way less traffic, you are likely to end up with more customers. 

Build Business Directories

Another thing you should focus on as a local business from an SEO point of view is building business directories. SEO is all about proving that your website is authoritative online and can be trusted by Google to show it as a good result to their users. You can build this trust by adding your business to online directories. This not only helps to increase online exposure but when Google can find your website across the internet on many different websites, it is seen as a website that can be trusted, therefore helping your SEO. This can be time-consuming, but even building five a month can add up to help your SEO strategy. 

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