3 Simple Ways to Get the Correct B2B Respondents

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3 Simple Ways to Get the Correct B2B Respondents

This post will explain three easy ways to get B2B survey respondents for a research project. Let’s start with who is a b2b respondent. A b2b respondent is a participant who takes part in research projects and market research. First, let’s take a look at market research in detail. Market research is conducted to know the ground realities of an industry or market. Research often takes the point of view of the person conducting it.

For example, b2b market research could take many forms. These could be entering a new market or knowing the sentiment of b2b customers. On the other hand, B2C market research is about researching to get inputs from end customers. For instance, let’s consider an FMCG consumer as a research participant. The goal of the research could be to get insights into product improvements. Especially the FMCG industry is a fast-moving market. Therefore, getting inputs from an end FMCG consumer would make a lot of business sense. Luckily, it’s very easy to get participants who are end customers. You can reach them through social media, which is the number one place to go to get any information these days.

But the problem is how to get b2b respondents for your survey. So let’s take three simple ways to get the correct b2b respondents for your market research.

3 Simple Ways to Get the Correct B2B Respondents

  1. Scout Social Media

Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter are good ways to get b2b respondents. You can go online and look for relevant profiles for your research project. What’s also good about social media is that it is used everywhere by people of all backgrounds. Since many people with different backgrounds and profiles already exist, you can leverage the pool of potential respondents. However, one con with social media is that it may take a lot of time to find the correct b2b respondents.

  1. Look through Online Forums or communities.

Online Forums or communities are also a similar way to scout for b2b respondents. Quora threads are sometimes useful for looking for people willing to participate in research. Additionally, specific forums exist for people who want to become research participants. If sourced correctly, Quora and other forums can become viable options for finding b2b research participants. Quora and Reddit also pose the same problem of time constraints. If the research project is particularly large, they may not be suitable options.

  1. Partner with a data collection panel

Lastly, a really simple way to get the correct b2b respondents is to partner with a data collection panel. The panel helps you source the right amount of participants in an instant. This is because data collection panels already connect with the industry you are looking into. Panels are also flexible and allow you to give the right amount of time and visibility for your global B2B surveys. Panels also have a base of respondents who would be a great fit for the profile that you’re looking to research. Hence, the data collection process is quickened.

We hope this post has been useful in giving you the right information to find b2b respondents. Let’s go over all tips quickly. First, you can scout social media to find the right respondents for your research project. Second, you can look over online forums to find b2b respondents who fit your profile and are willing to participate in your research. Lastly, you can partner with a data collection panel to make the process as easy as possible.

3 Simple Ways to Get the Correct B2B Respondents