3 SEO Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Use in 2021

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What is SEO in real estate?

Since many housing markets are hot across the United States and North America, homes for sale are selling quickly and, in some cases, for over the asking price. In addition, people are relocating and looking to retire. Many have sold their former properties already and have the cash to spend on the last home purchase they will ever make. They will be looking for a Realtor who is a local professional with experience in the properties they want to buy.  Experienced agents typically work within a niche or pharm area, making them specialists in that community or location. But how do you ensure that your services get seen by the most people seeking them? There are many ways to market an agent, but search engines, especially Google, are arguably the best. Let us take a deeper look into the best ways to SEO your website and turn it into a lead-generating machine. 

Utilizing Google My Business

Most of us know that being on the first page of Google for your targeting keywords and the relevant audience is paramount to most agents’ online exposure. There are several ways to get to the first page of Google for desirable keywords that will convert buyers and sellers in the area. Google My Business is one way to get there fast. The organic traffic you can receive can be large if you comply with Google guidelines and best practices. 

Google My Business exists because Google is responsible for returning the most relevant search results for the searcher’s query. For example, let us say someone searches for homes for sale in Winnipeg, MB. The searchers most likely want to see real estate listings and available properties in Winnipeg. So, Google will return local Real Estate offices in Winnipeg, some with physical addresses you can visit. These real-world locations will populate above the normal organic search results, which can be real estate agents’ IDX websites, Zillow, popular blogs, and news websites on Google. 

That is why ensuring your GMB profile is complete and up to date is important to ensure you drive traffic to your business for the best keywords. In addition, your GMB can have direct links to that respective ‘homes for sale search, community, or area. Please note that GMB is free and can be accessed through Gmail or directly here https://www.google.com/business/.

Google Pay-Per-Click

Another way to drive new buyers and sellers to your business consistently is with Google pay-per-click campaigns. This is a popular way that thousands of businesses already leverage worldwide, and it is easier than you might think. GPPC has gotten a bad name over time for being expensive and ineffective. There was a time when that might have been true, but let us be honest, Google is the number one search engine in the world and blows the competition away by staggering numbers. You want to align yourself with Google, and it can be a profitable journey when it is done correctly. 

GPPC is where you can create an ad clickable and promote your business on Google for the exact keywords you wish to rank for. The paid ads are marked and populate above and below the organic search results on Google. Many keywords are costly to pay per click, and you will need to either hire an expert or do research to make sure you understand how to choose keywords that will convert carefully. You do not want to pay for vanity traffic. You want to pick and pay for your website and ad to populate for valuable keywords that will turn into a buyer or seller lead. 

You can find all the information and resources about starting a successful GPPC campaign for your business here https://ads.google.com/home/campaigns/search-ads/.

On-Page SEO

Another way to optimize your website pages to develop keywords that matter to your business is by adding the correct on-page SEO. This means that if you create a community page on your website, you want to make sure that Google knows about this web page and has the authority to rank for its respective keywords. 

Start with This:

Make sure to include the keyword in the metadata! This is the website that Google will crawl and can help them determine what the page is about. Common ways to optimize your on-page SEO is to make sure that the title tag, H1 tags, H2 tags, etc., reflect the target keywords.  Then, the meta description content is optimized around the target keyword or phrase. 

You will want to create high-quality content, including keywords and key phrases sprinkled throughout. Google has changed drastically in recent years and evolved into an intelligent machine. These days, great content should be accurate, descriptive and help people understand the features and benefits of whatever you describe. 

Keep that in mind whenever you create new content. For example, if you create neighborhood homes for sale page, then describe the community and homes as you would to an out-of-state buyer who is not familiar with the area, the builder, or the great things the area offers. 

Wrapping It Up!

These days there are many great ways to ensure your business has the online exposure needed to produce leads and sales moving forward. Playing the SEO game with the anticipation of potential site visitors will help you achieve your online goals. Plus, you can implement the SEO tactics we have discussed and others that become available in the future for a winning lead-generating website.

3 SEO Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Use in 2021

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