3 Reasons you should learn Artificial Intelligence in 2020
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3 Reasons you should learn Artificial Intelligence in 2020

Some would say that being an AI expert is the job of the century. I think that point of view puts a lot of pressure on the candidates who plan to take a shot at the artificial intelligence industry. It might create the impression that only the most brilliant students who have had straight A’s since high school are good enough for an AI role. Learning and practicing AI is not a cakewalk. You need to put in the hours and struggle for solutions. But that makes it normal. It is a great opportunity for hard-working, creative people with a knack for patterns and numbers. That is all it is. As reports claim that AI will add 130 million jobs to the global market, it is our responsibility to review the scenario.

It has an expanding horizon.

A couple of decades ago, scientists and engineers celebrated the victory of an AI chess player against Garry Kasparov, and the world had hardly noticed. Now we are practically surrounded by AI. The predictive text on Gmail, the product recommendations on Amazon, the facial recognition services on Facebook, all are but examples of AI at work. There is hardly an industry that is currently functioning without AI-based augmentation; hence, there is hardly an industry that is not looking for AI experts.

The roles go beyond technicality.

AI companies are working on sentiment analysis; chatbots are learning to interpret sarcasm; machine learning algorithms make actually enjoy music. Last year a writer made its AI system write a chapter in his book. The point is that AI is not just a technology used by tech companies for profit generation. It is a tool for everyone and everything. Linguists and artists have played a vital role in shaping various AI innovations. If you do not come from a STEM background and do not think that statistics is really your forte, there is no reason to believe that you cannot learn AI and contribute in some meaningful way.

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Save your job

No amount of sugar-coating can change the ruthless fact that intelligent automation is already, and will increase speed and eliminate job roles. There is no denying the fact that everything that can be automated will be automated after a while. It is better to be a part of that transformation than being a victim of it. Enrolling in the best artificial intelligence course in India today will keep you perched on high ground when automation floods the country.

There is an increased demand for AI professionals, and machine learning experts as more and more businesses are moving online and investing in these technologies to get a competitive edge. Please take this opportunity and make the most of it.

3 Reasons you should learn Artificial Intelligence in 2020


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