3 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Should Have a Blog
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3 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Should Have a Blog

In the world of e-commerce, social media marketing is a common way to boost sales.

But social media can be crowded, especially if many sellers have similar products to yours.

An excellent solution to get traction for your eCommerce site beyond social media marketing is blogging. In this article, we will discuss three reasons why every e-commerce site should have a blog.

1: Blogging Greatly Improves Your Sites SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of boosting your site’s ranking on search engines like Google as much as possible. To be effective in SEO, you need to know what types of keywords your customers are searching for.

For example, if you sell iPhone 4 cases, you can research what your customers are typing in Google to find your site. Customers will search keywords like “iphone 4 case” or “best iphone 4 cases”. You can use these search terms as keywords on your blog posts and write blogs geared towards them. Good titles for these keywords may include “Four Qualities to Look for In iPhone 4 Cases” or even “The 4 Best iPhone 4 Cases Under $20”.

This way, when people are searching for iPhone cases, if your keywords aren’t too difficult to rank for on Google, then your blogs can be among the first results on the results pages.

Blogging for your e-commerce site kills two birds with one stone in this regard. The first bird is giving the customer good information; the second bird is that the customer lands on your site to get that information.

2: Blogging Makes You a Thought Leader

E-commerce is a broad word and comprises many industries within it. That’s the beauty of it, though: there are plenty of niches in e-commerce in which you can position yourself as a thought leader.

If you are selling pillowcases online made of 100% recycled fabric, you can write blogs that educate the market on why they should make more eco-friendly purchases. Or, if you’re selling organic food, there could be a lead generation blog that talks about eating healthy and living free.

There’s always an opportunity to educate customers to change their behavior. Your blog is a channel that can potentially influence the thinking of buyers if the content is good.

Being a thought leader in your space within e-commerce leads to our third and arguably most important benefit of blogging.

3: Blogging Builds Your Brand

Regardless of the means, people are reading all the time.

You are reading this blog if you see this sentence. You’re reading when you open and navigate apps, websites, and even menus!

Even if we are reading fewer books, we are still reading more than perhaps ever before.

The content in which we read is only one part of the reading experience, though. We must trust the person we are reading from to take any of their words seriously. And trust builds your brand.

For example, when reading anything about marketing, you might have stumbled upon HubSpot’s or Neil Patel’s blog. The fact that both blogs have lots of articles and strong sources of information positions them both as thought leaders and trustworthy places to be informed. Blogging to rank high on Google is one thing, but blogging to trust the customer is a whole different feat.

After all, we would never eat from a chef who doesn’t like their cooking or buy from an e-commerce site that doesn’t believe in its products.

Trust is the basis of how we make purchasing decisions every day. And trust allows the customer to buy from and talk about your brand.


Thus we have the three major benefits of blogging, in addition to the fact that it’s relatively easy to start. If you don’t have the bandwidth to blog for your e-commerce site yourself, there are plenty of services that can do this for you.

All e-commerce sites should have a blog.

3 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Site Should Have a Blog

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