3 Lesser-Known Advantages of Guest Blogging
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3 Lesser-Known Advantages of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is considered an important marketing strategy in the world of inbound. However, before savvy marketers eyed blogging as a potential marketing tool, bloggers worldwide used blog posts only to write about things they were passionate about. Since putting up a blog is not a difficult ordeal, it provided people with a platform to openly discuss their ideas with the World Wide Web.

The term Blogosphere was coined by Brad L. Graham in 1999 and then re-coined by William Quick in 2002. Soon, media companies and the internet fraternity started using this word to discuss their ideas online. The blogosphere comprises people who run blogs and encourage healthy discussions.

Marketers started cashing in on this great new platform by suggesting prolific writers promote their products. It meant that writers could get paid to write about a product. Guest blogging became a way of promoting brands and their products on other blogs as guest writers. The rules were simple:

  • You write on someone else’s blog
  • Someone else writes on your blog

Why guest blogging?

The first and foremost reason for choosing guest blogging is to invite quality traffic back to your website or blog. People do it to show off their product to a new audience.

A good guest post can shape a brand’s image on the internet. Many people, like Ann Smarty (SEOSmarty), Leo Wildrich (Buffer), and Jon Morrow (BoostBlogTraffic), have turned their blogs into renowned brands simply by writing quality guest posts.

Buffer is a marketing platform that provides content marketing and promotion options. Buffer grew an audience of 100,000 in 9 months. Here is how they did it:

  • Leo Wildrich, the owner of Buffer, wrote 150 guest posts in 9 months to the point where he was writing 1-2 posts a day.
  • He used famed guest post listing sites to find new posting opportunities.
  • Once he built credibility, he started mailing bigger sites to write about informative topics.
  • He established his brand through his posts, and people subscribed to his blog for more information. Please read all about his blogging journey on his post.

Here are the three lesser-known advantages of guest blogging that many marketers and bloggers overlook when producing posts:

Guest blogging increases awareness: –

For those who feel like guest blogging has been entirely commercialized, here’s the good news: writing a guest blog post is not entirely about making money. If you are deeply connected to your niche and want people to consider you a pioneer, you have to write good quality content. This good quality content can raise awareness about the topic and help people. Now and then, there has been a revolutionary write-up by a guest blogger, which taught the web something entirely new.

This uniqueness is good for SEO Consulting Hamburg and for creating awareness. For example, Perez Hilton started a revolution in the entertainment industry by starting his unique gossip blog. It had photos of celebrities with captions and gossip about everything around them. His blog’s popularity skyrocketed, so much so that it brought into existence a whole profession. TMZ.com and Jezebel are a few examples of blogs inspired by Perez Hilton.

The right call to action can do wonders.

Every person procrastinates, which means they avoid the actions they could take. Your guest post readers are also habitual of doing that. If you don’t incorporate the right strategies to make readers take action on your post, you will lose a good amount of traffic. This is why you have to place some call-to-action in your post.

Most bloggers add a follow link at the bottom of their post and get done with it. More often than not, people ignore this link because they don’t feel obliged to click it. They don’t see any use in clicking it.

That’s why you as a writer should place the appropriate call-to-action on your post, and it can do wonders to the incoming traffic on your site! Usually, the call to action is found in the bio section, where you tell the reader who you are and where they can find you in cyberspace.

Guest blogging increases your influence and domain authority

A great advantage of guest blogging is that it builds a high domain and search engine authority for your website.

Take the blog “writers in charge” as an example. Without purchasing any expensive SEO services or focusing on other tactics, the blog got a Google Page Rank 4. It now gets up to 4,000 visitors from every search engine every month, and some posts are on the first-page result due to certain keywords.

Guest blogging gives your website a chance to build authority and influence on your blog/website. This also counts links to other well-reputed websites going out from your website. Google and other search engines mark your reputation a little higher if you also allow good-quality guest posts on your site. Soon, website owners share their guest posts on your site on social media, and it brings a whole new world of exposure to your work.

One thing to remember here: Google also keeps a close eye on spam posts. Read this article about Google’s penalty on spam posters before you let this happen on your website. Only link out to websites of high domain authority to avoid spam. Visit Our Website Local SEO Agentur Hamburg

3 Lesser-Known Advantages of Guest Blogging

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