26-Must Know eCommerce Stats

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As technology rapidly advances and as consumer expectations continue to get higher, the time it takes for our purchased goods to reach our doorstep must decrease. These factors are forcing the eCommerce industry to constantly adapt and create innovative ways to keep consumers happy when spending their hard-earned money.

Due to the fact that everything is becoming more digitized, our abilities to purchase goods on a whim is becoming much easier. With a simple press of a button or the use of facial recognition, we can order goods from around the world to be shipped to our doorstep, and in some cases within the same day. Believe it or not, recent research suggests that 66% of Americans make at least one purchase every month and 95% of all purchases are to be made online by 2040. By better understanding consumers online behavior, retailers are beginning to use this data to make more informed business decisions. Not only will this enhance the consumer buying experience, but it will also give these retailers a competitive advantage.

When consumers prefer to purchase online, your business should plan to revamp its eCommerce landscape in order to sustain these online shoppers. The eCommerce industry is stronger than ever and it continues to grow at an exponential rate. Below you can find an infographic created by Wikibuy that covers the 26 need-to-know facts for online shopping in 2019. Use this to help you navigate and improve the online shopping experience for your brand.

26 Researched-Backed Stats To Optimize Ecommerce

26-Must Know eCommerce Stats

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