2022 SEO Trends: Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy

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2022 SEO Trends: Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy

Effective SEO strategy in 2022

In reality, the truth is that most the SEO efforts are based on at least 30% speculation, while the rest is tried and tested methods. Google, realistically speaking, will never put a complete guide to their ranking as that would essentially be cheating. However, certain guesses are based on trends to make plausible assumptions that often end up being true. 

Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy
Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy

Voice search prompts

With the development and addition of new algorithms, Google now can provide users with the ability to make search prompts using their voice. Although the technology is quite old, it took its full time before making its way into search engines. Therefore, verbal SEO will only take off from the given point, which is why we believe that the future will revolve around voice searches due to the ease and much better interpretation of the audio. 

If you’re a business with a unique brand identity, it’s advised to get into line with auditory SEO. We believe this will change the game quite a bit more. Already SEO has so many different avenues that provide a means of increasing the SEO score of the website in question. Additionally, this trend will impact businesses in high-competition markets to differentiate themselves from their nemesis.

Using voice SEO can allow businesses getting into it to set up an even stronger presence or profile on the internet. For example, if you’re a business owner with a unique name, having such a unique name could become your calling card. 

AI-Generated Content

We might not be ready for this one. AI-generated content?? Who knew that we were this close to depending on AI to get content for different purposes, including social media marketing and creative content. Albeit, AI has not been perfected yet! Yes, we are hopeful that one day AI will indeed replace humans. But, if you read any piece(s) of work on AI, it becomes clear instantaneously that AI has a long way to go before replacing a human being. 

Currently, all search engines are trying to cut down or punish the use of plagiarized content. AI is notoriously known for rambling and making grammatical or punctual mistakes. The search engines aim to prioritize authentic and high-authority websites with unique and relevant content without any rambling. Currently, search engines consider AI-generated content spam, but we reckon that soon that will change. Certain practitioners such as Neil Patel are actively working on adding a human touch to AI.

Back to basics

Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO

In light of the increasing discrepancy and confusion about how websites can rank without risking being dropped by the search engine in question. We reckon that one of the biggest trends will be going back to the old way of improving website ranks through practices such as website optimization, design, sitemap, breadcrumbs, etc. However, with newer problems arising, the solution that often surfaces is to fall back to the fundamentals, as that is where most websites today lack. This will enable real businesses that don’t overlook such details to get a chance to rank themselves.

This means making necessary changes to improve the appeal and appearance of the website and also, on top of that, the loading times and compatibility of the website on different platforms, including phones, tablets, and computers. 

However, as the decision to rely on nonbasic means of ranking cannot be reversed, the solution comes in the form of EAT principles. The EAT principle is expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Essentially, search engines compile each tactic down to just the aforementioned factors. 

Content Quality and EAT principles.

The quality of the content is going to come back into focus. Lately, even content with marginal grammatical and punctual errs was able to get a better ranking. And since the backlinking content is hardly ever given any attention, it resulted in website owners using spam and low-quality content to fulfill the needs of the SEO checklist used by search engines. 

Search engines such as Google have developed EAT to give a starting point while reconverging the true meaning behind all the good efforts. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, which is very important to ensure that the website gets the ranking it deserves. Companies in UAE that provide SEO in Dubai have started to rely on EAT standards actively.

Google and other search engines have focused more on setting the scene right. Using original and creative text with keywords increases authority by actively creating new backlinks and, finally, trustworthiness, which is the recent track record. 


In conclusion, the future will be dependent on voice searches, AI-generated content, back-to-basics and content quality, and the EAT principle. Each of these trends will change how SEO is perceived even in 2022. Hence, it’s advisable to keep these changes in focus if things change. 

2022 SEO Trends: Trends that will Impact your SEO Strategy

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