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2019 Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is a sphere driven by changes in all its segments. So, successful SEO experts are those who accommodate the current trends in the digital marketing industry and implement them in SEO campaigns to survive in the harsh conditions of competitive technological race and keep generating enough business opportunities every day. Today, we will discuss the main trends in digital marketing that are likely to rock in 2019. Let’s get started.

Concentration on Video Marketing

Video content begins to dominate in digital marketing as well as other marketing areas. It doesn’t mean that the text and image will completely lose their relevance in near future. Always keep in mind that video is the most striking and sought-after tool that allows digital marketing professionals to convey their message to the target audience, help them understand the required materials, and make transactions. If you are targeting the youth audience, then the online video has become much more popular among it than cable television. So, companies that seek effective interaction with the younger generation need a competent video marketing strategy. This trend will continue in 2019 and even further.

The Ratio of Voice Search Will Grow

These days, every fifth search query is pronounced by voice. After 2 years, 50% of queries will be done by voice search. When you enter something in the search box via typing or what we say in a voice are often two different things. It’s a fact that each professional or household industry has its own slang, used only in conversation. You need to compile a list of possible words and phrases of voice search for your website/blog/E-commerce portal and optimize it for voice search to receive more traffic every day.

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Automation of SEO Activities

Everyone who works in the field of Internet marketing and search engine optimization will agree with the fact that the SEO market is confidently moving towards greater transparency of cooperation between the agency and the client. Different automation tools are becoming a necessary part of daily SEO activities.

Both company owners and independent SEO specialists use different SEO automation tools to increase their ability to work faster without losing quality and boost the business profitability by leaps and bounds.

In SEO, you can automate reporting to clients, setting goals and project management, competitor analysis, collection of the semantic core, technical audit, Advertising campaigns, Lead conversion,Interaction with leads (email, SMS, calls, push, chatbots), lead management, Billing (receiving payments), and Advertising campaign analytics.

Always keep in mind that more complex the algorithms become, the more work there will be for an SEO specialist and companies. Internal optimization, external factors, content marketing, crowd marketing are all necessary components of SEO. So, always use relevant SEO Automation tools to increase the effectiveness of SEO campaigns and

Demand For Personalized Content Will Grow Dramatically

You must know that personalization of content and behavioral targeting are two important things that can increase the conversion of a site to the desired level. People visiting your site have different intentions- someone wants to make a purchase, someone just searches for information, and some would like to work with you. So, you have primary and regular visitors. Some Internet users don’t understand at all how they got to this site and leave it as soon as possible. It has been observed that most sites and landing pages display exactly the same content for all visitors, regardless of what they are looking for or how they got here.

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Such websites try to reach the widest possible range of users. But, in reality, this technique doesn’t work at all. Don’t you think its display different content and different CTA buttons for different types of visitors? This is where content personalization comes into play, which allows you to purposefully divide content according to the types of users, based on their behavior and other factors and let them view the material they are looking for. The demand for personal content will increase in 2019 and boost user interaction with business brands up to a great extent.

Mobile Marketing Will Increase Multiple Times

In simple words, mobile marketing is any way to interact with a client or a target audience through his mobile device (phone, smartphone, tablet). It can be a visit to the site via mobile devices, the use of a mobile application, SMS-sending, push-notifications, automatic dialers, instant messengers and so on.

As the total number of mobile internet users are increasing every day all over the world, responsive websites have become one of the most important needs for getting success in SEO campaigns and online business in general. Digital Marketing Experts and IT companies providing Digital Marketing services must optimize websites with a mobile-first approach to get tangible results in 2019.

Social Media Live Streaming Will be the Key To Generate Leads in Bulk

Today’s young generation is not interested to read text content to understand the advertised materials and make transactions. They want to communicate with business managers, Digital Marketing Experts, company owners, CEOs to put their questions and get instant answers on the spot. You should conduct social media live streaming from time-to-time to communicate with interested users and encourage them to make transactions.

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Final Words

Digital marketing trends keep changing from time-to-time. 2019 will be a challenging year for digital marketing folks. They will have to be aware of current trends of SEO in digital marketing campaigns to beat the cut-throat competition in the SEO game and generate lots of business opportunities every day.

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 2019 Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

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