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2019 is a Great Time to become a Certified Project Manager!

The new PMBOK 6th edition was recently released. Therefore, the PMP, as well as CAPM exams will be revised to include updated, as well as new material.

2019 is a Great Time to become a Certified Project Manager

The expected changes/updates are as follows:


  • The front-end chapters will be revised and updated:
  • The Inputs and Outputs will be shown on one chart, and will not include the Tools and Techniques:
  • Tools and Techniques will be grouped as follows:
  • For example, the Tools and Techniques for the “Collect Requirements Process” will be revised as follows:
  • Relevant Agile, Adaptive and Iterative Practices will be included in most Knowledge Areas.

Project Integration Management

  • A new process, “Manage Project Knowledge,” will be added to the Executing Process Group.
  • More emphasis will be placed on incorporating “lessons learned” throughout the project.
  • “Close Procurements” will be deleted and the information from this process will be absorbed in other processes.

Project Scope Management

  • Both project scope and product scope will be emphasized
  • Alignment with Requirements Management Practice Guide will be emphasized.
  • Alignment with Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide will be emphasized.
  • A discussion is included on how Project Management and Business Analysis can work together.
  • A description of how agile practices are relevant to scope management will be added.

Project Time Management

  • “Project Time Management” will be renamed “Project Schedule Management.”
  • The Estimate Resources Process has been moved to the new Resource Management Knowledge Area, previously known as Human Resource Management.
  • Details for agile and iterative approaches will be added, such as:
    • Agile decision-making techniques
    • Release Planning
    • Sprint and iteration planning meetings
    • The following figure, regarding the “Relationship between product vision, release planning, and iteration planning,” will be added:

Project Cost Management

  • Minor changes only.

Project Quality Management

  • The focus, as well as the title, of Perform Quality Assurance, will be shifted to, and renamed “Manage Quality.”
  • Applicable Tools and Techniques will be revised/updated.

Project Human Resource Management

  • Project Human Resource Management will be renamed Project Resource Management.
  • Focus will be shifted to all resources, not just people.
  • The processes for this Knowledge Area will be:
    • Plan Resource Management
    • Estimate Resources (transferred from the current Project Time Management)
    • Acquire Resources
    • Develop Team
    • Manage Team
    • Control Resources (new!)

Project Communications Management

New emphasis will be added regarding the difference between “Communication” and “Communications.”

  • Communication is the act of transferring knowledge, information, data between persons, etc.
  • Communications are the artifacts used for communication, such as reports, presentations, meetings, emails, face-to-face interactions, etc.

Project Risk Management

  • A new process titled “Implement Risk Responses” will be added to the Executing Process Group.
  • The process “Control Risks” will be renamed “Monitor Risks.”
  • Escalate Response Strategy will be added.
  • There is an improved focus on managing total project risk.

Project Procurement Management

  • Content will be updated and should be more internationally applicable.
  • Content will be more practitioner-based instead of just theoretical.
  • The Close Procurements Process will be deleted as a process, but some of its content will be included in Control Procurements.

Project Stakeholder Management

  • This Knowledge Area will be modified to include international good practices.
  • Alignment with the updated Project Communication Management knowledge area will be ensured but without duplication.

2019 is a Great Time to become a Certified Project Manager

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