20 Truly Helpful Statistics And Facts For Instagram Users

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Instagram is the most popular and free social media platform in the internet world. It enables users to create and share photos and videos with their fans and followers. Huge creators, consumers, marketers, businesses, bloggers, and influencers use this platform to establish their skills and promote brands to massive audiences. 

Without any knowledge about Instagram, it isn’t easy to grow your business and increase your following. So, having a clear idea about this platform is essential to success and reaching your goal.

In this article, you can get the real truth about Instagram and its statistics & facts. 

#General Instagram Facts: 

  1. After Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp, Instagram is the 6th most used social network globally. 
  2. Instagram was the 5th most downloaded, with 13 million downloads in 2020 alone. 

#Instagram User Statistics: 

  1. Instagram has reached 1.16 billion active users per month even, 500 million people use this platform daily. 
  2. According to the preview app’s study, over 8.8% of Instagram users spend more than five hours per day on the app. 
  3. Many social networks target younger family members, and Instagram is popular among teenagers. 81% of Instagram users are aged between 18 to 24 years, 53% users are 35 to 44 years, 38% of users are 45-54, 12% of 65-75-year-old users, and only 1% of 75+-year-old users. 

#Instagram Video Statistics: 

  1. Instagram offered every user to record and upload videos. As a result, many users love and enjoy watching videos on Instagram, and its growth increases year over year.
  2. Instagram videos receive over 21% more engagement rate than photos. 
  3. The different video formats on Instagram and how-to tutorials are popular because tutorial videos can easily establish what type of business or industry you run. 
  4. User-generated content is an effective video marketing strategy that gets a higher conversion rate. 
  5. According to Hubspot, posts with 9 to 12 hashtags maximize your engagement rate. Hashtags are beneficial for businesses to increase organic reach and gain interactions.
  6. Instagram videos allow you to establish deeper and more compelling stories. As of 2020, one-fourth of Instagram ads are video content, continuously receiving high engagement. 

#Instagram Stories Statistics:

  1. According to the editor’s pic, over 1.7 billion accounts use the Instagram stories feature, and 500 million users are active each day.
  2. More than 25% of people use the Instagram story swipe-up feature to invite people directly to their shoppable page. And, 36% of businesses use stories feature for brand promotion. 
  3. Instagram offers many features for users to optimize video reach, views, and overall engagement. For example, according to the research, attractive stories with engaging stickers enhance your Instagram story views and video performance drastically. 
  4. According to Instagram statistics, Instagram stories increase the volume of impressions, and it gets over 19% of the majority of impressions. 
  5. The average posting frequency for Instagram stories is 2.3 posts per week. 

#IGTV Statistics:

  1. Nowadays, many people spend more time watching digital videos than on television. Mobile videos will accumulate 78% of data traffic. Therefore, IGTV plays an important role in the digital video space. 
  2. According to the data, 55% of all revenue comes from Instagram TV advertising. 

#Instagram Reels Statistics: 

  1. On average, Instagram has gained 100 million daily active users after the launch of the reels feature. Even within a short time, Instagram reels are available in 50+ countries. 
  2. According to Instagram, the average engagement per reel is higher than the traditional Instagram video content. 
  3. More than 2 million advertisers are actively using Instagram to get more reach. 
  4. Instagram’s potential reach is growing to over 1.16 billion users. In addition, 4 million business accounts use Instagram story ads every month, generating 20 billion dollars in 2019. 

Instagram Functions & Features:

Instagram is undoubtedly an amazing social network that provides various tools and functions for Instagrammers. It is a fantastic platform for reaching a wider audience and achieving your goal within a short span. Here are some must known and useful feature that helps to increase your brand presence: 

1. Hashtags On Instagram: 

Hashtags are the pillars of your content reach and help display your content in front of a wider audience. so, When you add a hashtag of your Instagram content that appears on other users’ pages or posts of the same hashtag. 

2. Instagram TV: 

IGTV is the newest feature of Instagram, and it enables people to upload long-form videos up to 60 minutes in length. This feature is similar to turning on your television. Each IGTV creator has a channel, and you can follow that creator you want. If they uploaded a video on its channel, you could get a notification to watch. 

3. Engagement Metrics: 

If you register an Instagram business account, you’ll gain access to get the in-depth metrics of your videos, followers, and more. Here are some examples, 

  • Profile’s overall reach.
  • How many people visit your profile in a certain period. 
  • How many new accounts you’ve reached.
  • Peak days and weeks of your follower’s activity. 
  • Audience demographic based on the top city, age range, and gender. 

This information will help you know the best time of day to post on Instagram, which type of content gets more engagement, and more. 

Social media is a great way to extend your creative skills, improve brand reach, increase popularity & social proof, and drive traffic to your website. Instagram is the most powerful source for achieving all of those goals and getting more success!

Author Bio: 

Katherin Mary is an SEO strategist and senior content writer of Instausers.com. She has been working in the content marketing industry for 3+ years and has a handful of experience in Digital Marketing. You can also find her on Twitter!

20 Truly Helpful Statistics And Facts For Instagram Users

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