20 Tips to Promote Your HVAC Local Business
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20 Tips to Promote Your HVAC Local Business

Own an HVAC business that needs a marketing boost? Use the following marketing tips to make your HVAC small business stand out among many local competitors.

  1. Create high-quality website content and optimize it using a sound SEO strategy. Then, use the right keywords to get to the top of local search rankings.
  2. Use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords being used by your ideal customers. For this, first, define who your ideal customers are.
  3. Analyze the marketing strategies employed by your closest competitors. Check their search engine ranking, look at their Meta tags and descriptions, and browse their websites and social media to know what they’re doing right.
  4. Create YouTube videos that offer solutions to common HVAC problems that people can solve themselves but don’t know how.
  5. Use a link-building service to gain quality backlinks across popular online platforms to lead readers to your site.
  6. Ensure that your website is designed well and offers an exceptional user experience to your visitors.
  7. If your website needs fresh content and technical up-gradation, do it now. Pay special attention to loading speed, ease of navigation, and content quality.
  8. If you haven’t done it yet, develop a mobile-friendly version of your site asap, as more and more people are now using their cellphones to find and book utility services.
  9. Add an FAQ page to your site—it is beneficial to both your present and future customers.
  10. Check how your site is doing on Google Analytics. A high bounce rate means too many people leave your site too quickly. Consult an expert to fix the issue.
  11. Ensure that your NAP (name, address, phone number) and website information on Google Maps is correct and up-to-date.
  12. List your business on local business and industry directories.
  13. Rather than doing everything DIY, consult an internet marketing expert to learn how to increase traffic to your website without spending a fortune.
  14. Use professional guest posting to showcase your expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining HVAC units.
  15. Create a solid social media presence. Post valuable and informative content rather than frivolous posts that could undermine your brand image.
  16. Secure positive reviews and testimonials. Request your loyal and repeat customers to leave reviews on your website, Google+, and social media.
  17. Ensure that your LinkedIn business and personal profiles are up to date. Commercial clients and investors often contact business owners on professional networks.
  18. Send out the right anchor texts to your content marketing agency. Avoid overusing generic anchor texts such as “click here” and “learn more.” Instead, use, for instance, “New Jersey heating company” or “Raymond HVAC services.com.”
  19. Invest more in seasonal advertising. Changing seasons is when most consumers want to have their HVAC units serviced or repaired.
  20. Use Google PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to showcase your advertisement on the first search results page when people type selected keywords.

20 Tips to Promote Your HVAC Local Business

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